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Umbrella bamboo plants for privacy

The umbrella bamboo plants have tall stems and ‘dense foliage’. The thick arching foliage of these bamboos forms a formidable over-hanging shape like an umbrella, thus the name Umbrella Bamboo. Their new shoots grow very fast before putting out branches.

These bamboo plants tend to reach a height of about 4 to 6 metres, ideal for heavy top-hedge screening. For example, these bamboos can be used to provide an evergreen cover (or screen) for boundaries, walls and low buildings.

Here are 5 bamboo plants that can grow to an average height of 6 metres and produce an arching ‘umbrella’ effect. Click on the image to find out more about each bamboo.

Dense arching bamboo privacy hedging screens

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Fargesia robusta ‘Campbell’ (Umbrella Bamboo ‘Campbell’)

  • Height: 5 - 7m, arching

  • Spread: 2 - 3m, clumping bamboo 

Fargesia Robusta Wolong, Fargesia Robust Wolong

  • Height: ~5m, medium height bamboo

  • Spread: 3 - 4m, clumping bamboo

Fargesia murielae Angustissima, Borinda Angustissima, Umbrella Bamboo

  • Height: 2 - 4m, small upright

  • Spread: 2 - 3m, clumping bamboo

Fargesia scabrida Asian Wonder, Fargesia robusta ‘Asian Wonder’, Red Umbrella Bamboo

  • Height: ~3m, Small-medium bamboo

  • Spread: 2 - 3m, clumping bamboo

Fargesia Robusta Formidable, Umbrella Bamboo

  • Height: 3 - 5m, tall arching bamboo

  • Spread: 2 - 4m, clumping bamboo

Umbrella bamboo privacy plants 6 metres

The umbrella bamboo plants grow to 6 metres and are much denser than the running bamboo. They thrive in the UK climate.

The bamboo plants listed above are predominantly clump-forming with either thicker culms or produce masses of culms in Spring. As the name suggests, the clumping bamboo canes (culms) tend to grow into a tight cluster around the parent plant, forming a formidable tight screen.

The foliages of matured umbrella bamboo arch into an umbrella shape. Unlike the upright bamboos, this special group of bamboos is the best choice for privacy.

Clumping umbrella bamboo plants form thick covers

If you are planting bamboo to provide privacy from a short wall or the neighbour’s shed, the clump-forming bamboos are the best options. However, you may have to buy more than one plant to provide a good cover.

As a rule of thumb, plant the clump-forming bamboo no more than 1.5 metres to give you are dense hedging screen.

Here are the 5 umbrella bamboo plants that form clusters of ‘dense-culms’. They are ideal for growing in the garden or in pots and containers.

One top tip is to grow these bamboo plants in pots for balcony or patio privacy. Choose the bamboo according to the height specification – click on the image to find out more about each bamboo.

Dense base thick hedging bamboo

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Fargesia nitida ‘Jiuzhaigou’, clump-forming bamboo, dwarf bamboo, Red Panda Fargesia

  • Height: 2 - 4m

  • Spread: 1 – 2m, non-invasive, clump forming

Fargesia Nitida ‘Viking’

  • Height: 2 - 4m

  • Spread: 1 - 2m, non-invasive, clump-forming

Phyllostachys humilis, Scottish Bamboo

  • Height: 3 - 5m, medium to tall bamboo

  • Spread: ~3m, running bamboo

Fargesia murielae Rufa (Bamboo Rufa, Chinese Fountain Bamboo, Dragon Head Bamboo)

  • Height: 2 - 3m, small bamboo

  • Spread: 1 - 2m, clump-forming

Phyllostachys aurea, Fishpole Bamboo, Golden Bambo

  • Height: ~ 4m, medium to tall bamboo

  • Spread: 2 - 3m, running bamboo

Quick links to bamboo plants for privacy and hedging

So, what kind of bamboo is best for privacy? Depending on what you like, here are some suggestions of living bamboo plants for creating an ideal privacy space.

Where to buy bamboo pot plants?

As mentioned, the Umbrella Bamboo plants are great for thick creating a living screen-wall for privacy. They come in different heights, sizes and colours. Here are reliable UK retailers that sell bamboo plants and get them delivered to you.

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In closure…

The umbrella bamboo plants are the best option for privacy screening. They are undemanding plants but will provide the cover you need for a long time.

If you have any questions about the umbrella bamboo, leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you.

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  1. I like the Umbrella Bamboo as most of them are Fargesias, and I believe they are non-invasive bamboo plants.

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