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5 Uses of Bamboo Canes Indoors and Outdoors

Bamboo is an eco-friendly material, you can use it to make a variety of home and garden DIY bamboo projects. So, what are the uses of bamboo canes?

In this article, we take a look at 5 things you can make by using simple hand tools.

Let’s find out.

Use bamboo canes for plants

diy bamboo projects
Bamboo canes in use in pots and patio

Many gardeners and homeowners are using bamboo canes as stakes because they are tall, strong and blend incredibly well with other plants in the garden.

There are many fantastic uses of the canes. One that stands out is staking indoor and outdoor plants. They provide a strong support system for small shrubs, tomatoes, beans, soft fruit and vines. You can cut the canes to length and tie plants along them to provide the support they need to grow.

Take a look at this article – Uses of Bamboo Canesand find out about DIY bamboo projects.

Use bamboo canes for privacy fence

uses of bamboo canes
DIY bamboo fence

The bamboo fences and rolls are beautiful products. You can attach easily to existing fences, or use them as standalone fences with a few 2 x 1 round posts at intervals.

The fences range from 1.0 metre to 4 metres with variable widths and lengths. You may have to cut to fit sections of the fence. Cut carefully so that you do not destroy the wire loop.

In addition, paint the rolls with stains or fence paints. As mentioned earlier, the screen can last up to 10 years, even more.

Many gardeners and homeowners prefer the 1.5 metres and 2 metres screening panels/rolls to the taller ones. This is because they are well-spaced apart and provide great fence covers.

If you have a bamboo grove in the garden, you can make a DIY bamboo fence and save money.

DIY Bamboo project – storage box, tube and mug

uses of bamboo canes

Bamboos are extremely hollow in the middle, slim and long. They are best for storing pencils and pens, toothbrushes and slim many other similar everyday items.

The cup-like tubes are also best for storing secret documents, paintings and important documents. Let’s have a look at what storage boxes you can make out of bamboo.

  • Pencil storage box
  • Water cups or mugs
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste storage.
  • Secret storage box or tube.

Take a look at how to make 5 bamboo storage ideas for the household items that you should know. They are incredibly easy to make!

Make seed pots and trays with lids

uses of bamboo canes

Seeds tend to germinate well in conditions where the soil is moist and nutrient-rich and the soil temperature is above 10 degrees Celcius. The Royal Horticultural  Society (RHS) has a detailed guide for sowing seeds here, RHS Germination Guide, PDF.

In fact, the lids act as a greenhouse to maintain the temperature and humidity in the bamboo seed pots and trays. This encourages the seed to germinate. You can take the lids off when the germinating seeds reach a certain height and transplant them.

Always put the lid back so that any seeds that remain will have to chance to grow.

DIY bamboo projects – hanging wall planters

Wall planters are ideal for putting colours to a dull wall. Many of the metal wall planters are great but are also expensive. If you want to try a DIY wall hanging plant, making hanging wall planters an ideal option.

There are two types of hanging wall planters that you can make: Vertical wall planters and Horizontal wall planters.

Take a look at the materials and steps for making the bamboo hanging wall planters

Make Trellis out of bamboo

uses of bamboo canes

If you are planting vines (beans and grapes) or tomatoes, the DIY bamboo trellis will be useful. They are a fantastic support system for the plants.

There are many types of garden trellis you can make ranging from slender hanging ones to A-framed trellis and square-sided ones.

You will need a pair of secateurs or garden loppers, a handsaw, garden ropes and bamboo canes.

If you do not grow the running or clumping bamboos, you can purchase the canes from a DIY shop or source them online.

Here are the steps for building the A-framed Trellis and Square-sided Trellis.

Why bamboo?

The garden bamboo plants are popular in the UK recently due to their evergreen foliage and hardiness, less prone to disease. They are a tough group of plants.

They are used extensively in the Asia and South Pacific regions for many purposes, from cooking food to building materials and arts and crafts. The uses are limitless!

The bamboos are durable, tough and tolerant to bug infestations. They are also flexible materials that you can cut, shape and bend to your liking.

These characteristics are fantastic for DIY arts and craft projects. So, use bamboo to create stunning objects for use at home or in the garden.

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  1. I know there are lots of things you can make DIY things from bamboo. I like the ideas presented here. Fantastic.

    Jerrold Appell

  2. That’s great. I’ve used bamboo in the Garden in the past and know how useful it can be.

    I’ll try out the tips.

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