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Large Bamboo Plants for Privacy Hedge 6m+

    The large bamboos are an ideal option for a natural privacy hedge. These bamboos have thick foliage and are tall, best for screening unattractive features.

    Many gardeners and homeowners prefer garden bamboo hedges because they are fast-growing. In addition, the dense evergreen foliage, height, spread and hardiness give the garden and out spaces a natural green appearance all year round.

    Large bamboo plants for privacy hedging

    At GardenBambooPlants, we feature over 70 running and clumping bamboos that you can grow in the garden or in pots. They come in different stem colours, sizes and heights.

    If you want a natural bamboo privacy hedge, check out these 5 running bamboos. They are 6m or more in height.

    Click on the image to read more about each bamboo.

    Tall Garden Hedging Bamboo

    Click of the 'image' for more info.

    Phyllostachys vivax aureocaulis (also called Golden Chinese Timber Bamboo or Golden Cane Bamboo)

    • Height: 10 - 12m, upright

    • Spread: 4 - 6m, Running bamboo 

    Golden Groove Bamboo Spectabilis (Showy Golden Bamboo Groove 'Spectabilis')

    • Height: 6 - 8m, Tall bamboo

    • Spread: 2 - 5m, Running bamboo

    Phyllostachys bissettii (Green bamboo, David Bisset’s Bamboo)

    Phyllostachys bambusoides (Madake, Giant Timber bamboo, Japanese Timber Bamboo)

    • Height: 15 – 20m, Tall upright bamboo

    • Spread: 5 – 7m, Running bamboo

    Phyllostachys edulis, Phyllostachys pubescens, Moso Bamboo, Tortoise-shell Bamboo

    • Height: 8 – 10m, tall arching bamboo

    • Spread: 5 - 8m, running bamboo

    Upright, tall and large bamboos for privacy hedge

    This category is an extension of the large garden bamboo hedging screen listed above. Additionally, this extra list separates the tall and upright bamboo plants from the arching plants. Take it as an exclusive list of only the popular Phyllostachys running bamboo plants, except the clumping bamboo Standing Stone.

    As the name implies, upright bamboo plants tend to grow straight up. In fact, some can reach over 6 metres if the conditions are right (Click on the image to read about the best growing conditions for each bamboo).

    Many of these upright bamboo plants tend to do well when they are planted away from the direct wind, providing the best hedge screening all year round.

    Here are the 5 upright bamboo plants that thrive in the UK, in fact, most of them are on

    Upright bamboo for tall privacy screen ideas

    Click of the 'image' for more info.

    Fargesia murielae ‘Standing Stone’, Umbrella Bamboo, Arrow Bamboo, Flamingo, Green Arrow

    • Height: 5m, upright bamboo

    • Spread: 2 - 3m, clumping bamboo 

    Phyllostachys Nuda, Snow Bamboo, Nude Sheath bamboo

    • Height: 5 - 7m, upright bamboo

    • Spread: invasive, running bamboo

     Phyllostachys nigra, Black Bamboo nigra, running bamboo

    • Height: 4 - 6m, upright bamboo

    • Spread: Invasive running bamboo

    Phyllostachys bissettii (Green bamboo, David Bisset’s Bamboo)

    • Height: 6 - 9m, tall upright bamboo

    • Spread: 2 - 3m, running bamboo

    Phyllostachys vivax aureocaulis, Golden Chinese Timber Bamboo, Golden Cane Bamboo

    • Height: 10 - 12m, tall upright bamboo

    • Spread: 4 - 6, invasive running bamboo

    Garden bamboo hedging  privacy screens care

    Here are three options for ensuring complete control over your garden hedging privacy screens.

    • Build Raised-base: The raised-base will help you to spot the rhizome tips and trim them before the tips creep into the small gaps in the pavement or the neighbour’s side.
    • Dig narrow trench 0.3m to 0.5m deep: The running bamboo rhizomes tend to grow on the top layer of the soil. As the name implies, the rhizomes are running horizontally, not deep into the soil. A narrow trench will help you to monitor the rhizomes and trim them as they grow out. The narrow trench acts as an open root barrier.
    • Plant the bamboo in large pots: If you are growing bamboo plants for balcony privacy screening, plant them in large pots or containers. This is the best way to contain the bamboo.

    Guide for selecting the right garden bamboo hedging screen

    So we have covered many tips and ideas and presented several suggestions for selecting bamboo for hedging garden screens. Here is the ‘Guide’ to help you make your decision!

    Note that the questions are structured especially for you to eliminate the undesirable bamboo plants, leaving only the best option for you. Download the PDF version – Guide for Selecting Garden Hedging Bamboo.

    Guide and ideas for selecting garden bamboo plants for hedging screens

    Quick links to bamboo plants for privacy and hedging

    So, what kind of bamboo is best for privacy? Depending on what you like, here are some suggestions of living bamboo plants for creating an ideal privacy space and garden hedge.

    Where to buy large bamboo plants?

    The large bamboo plants are great for creating a tall living screen for privacy. They come in different sizes and colours, too. Here are reliable UK retailers that sell bamboo plants and get them delivered to you.

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    Phyllostachys Bamboo Plants

    Conclusion – large bamboo privacy hedge

    The large bamboo plants are large plants. They are a great option for tall privacy hedges.

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