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Spice Glass Jars and Canisters with Bamboo Lids

    Every spice needs the best storage so that it remains fresh. Glass jars with bamboo lids are ideal for storing spices. The lids have special rubber rims that keep them securely fastened when closed. But it requires a good understanding of the sizes and types of the spice glass jars to find the perfect one.

    We’ve done the research and found ideal spice jars with sustainable bamboo lids for you. We also identify reliable UK retailers where you can get the best spice glass jars on the market.

    Top tip: Bamboo lids with rubber rims are the best seals. When buying spice glass jars or canisters with bamboo lids, always ensure that the inner rubber-rim seals are present.

    Here are the top 3 spice glass jars and canisters with bamboo lids that have rubber-rim seals. They are either sold as a single product or in sets.

    Spice glass jars/canisters with bamboo lids – single

    You can get them in different sizes. This spice glass jar with a bamboo lid is for storing long spices or multiple spice glasses because of the large spaces inside them.

    large glass canister jar with bamboo lid rubber rim


    • + Stackable
    • + Large storage
    • + Tight-fit lid with rubber seal
    • + Lid comes with a glass jar
    • + Store spices and other food
    • + Large storage area


    • – bulky
    • – hard to open

    Stackable glass jars with bamboo lids – sets

    Not only stable and stackable but also beautiful. This product from JD Williams can be used to store sugar, coffee and tea. Yet, perfect for spices. It comes with a bamboo lid. The rubber rims around the lids are perfect for keeping spices fresh.

    Spice Glass Jars Sets with Bamboo Lids

    • + Stackable         
    • + Available in sets
    • + Sustainable bamboo lids
    • + Rubber rims/seals
    • + Stylish engraved designs
    • – Likely to run out of stock
    • – Available in 650 ml glass only

    Canisters with bamboo lids

    The storage canisters are multi-purpose use. They are great for spices as well as sugar, coffee and tea. This product is sold by Ryman. You can also browse the massive collection of jars and canisters at their site.

    Spice canister jars with bamboo lids

    • + 3 in a set
    • + Tight-sealed lids
    • + Multi-purpose use 
    • + Large internal area
    • + Solid and lightweight
    • +  Sustainable bamboo lids
    • – Bulky
    • – Likely mismatch
    • – Alternative for glass jars

    Differences between glass jars and canisters

    Canisters are bigger than glass jars. You can store several smaller spice glass jars in a large canister. Alternatively, store large spices in a canister and smaller ones in glass jars. It depends entirely on how you want to use them.

    Perhaps the important thing is to keep the spice nice and fresh.

    Some canisters with bamboo lids are purpose-built to hold a number of smaller glasses. So, if you want a super cool canister that can hold all the spices together, check these products on Amazon.

    Benefits of spice storage with bamboo lids

    The jars and canisters are perfect for storing dry foods including spices. They are a great alternative to single-use plastic. They come in various sizes and shapes with durable bamboo lids which will help keep food fresh. You can also take it with you whether you are travelling to work or having a picnic.

    The canisters are made from metal aluminium, whereas the glass jars are made of borosilicate glass the jars. Washable in hot and cold water. However, do not wash the bamboo lids in the dishwasher, always wash in warm soapy water and clean-dry immediately.

    Both spice glass jars and canisters with bamboo lids are durable. They will last as long as you take care of them.

    What storage glass jars with bamboo lids to buy?

    The single spice jars are best buys if you want to add to your collections of spice jars. But, if you want a complete set, the stable glass jars that come with labels are great storage.

    If you get your spice in whole, the canisters with bamboo lids are good for storing them.

    Alternatively, safely store the smaller spice glass jars in a larger canister and use the bamboo lid to secure everything against the elements. That way, your spice will last longer and have the same fresh taste every time.


    All in all, the best spice glass jars and canisters with lids have elastic rubber rims. They come in different sizes, some single and others in sets. You can get them reliably at one of the UK retailers we list here. See our affiliate shop for more bamboo products.

    Disclaimer: We may earn commission from purchases through the product links, it comes at no additional cost to you. See our affiliate disclaimer (at the footer) for more information. 

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