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Small Bamboo Plants for Privacy 0.5m-4m

small bamboo plants for privacy

Using small bamboo plants for privacy has many benefits.  Your garden hedge, sidewalk or balcony will remain green and covered all year round.  Some of these small bamboos you can prune to give them a neat appearance if you grow them near the garden or the sidewalks.

Readers note: This article is part of a series on ‘How to Select Bamboo Hedge Plants’. You can assess and download the complete guide in the link provided below. We added more information to this article, Small Bamboo Plants for Privacy.

Small bamboo plants for screening 0.5m – 4m

Here are the next five small bamboo plants that can grow to a height of half a metre to two metres, perfect short hedging screens.

Fargesia murielae Luca, Umbrella Bamboo, Dwarf Umbrella Bamboo Luca

  • Height: < 1m, small bamboo

  • Spread: 0.5 – 1.5m, clump-forming

  • Height: ~2m, small bamboo

  • Spread: 1 – 2m, does not spread, well-behaved bamboo

Fargesia Murielae Bimbo, Muriel’s Bamboo, Umbrella Bamboo

  • Height: 2m, small bamboo

  • Spread: 1.5 – 2m, clump-forming

Fargesia Robusta Pingwu, Green Screen, Umbrella Bamboo

  • Height: 3 – 4m at full height

  • Spread: 1.5 – 2m, clump-forming

Fargesia murielae Simba, Umbrella Bamboo

  • Height: 2m, small bamboo

  • Spread: 2 – 3 m clump-forming

Simba Small Umbrella Bamboo Fergasia Murielae

Other garden privacy hedge plants

Hedge plant

Growth rate (per year)



2 – 5 ft or 60 - 150cm

Evergreen grass

Green Leylandii

2 - 3 ft or 60 - 90cm

Evergreen tree

Photinia Red Robin

0.5 – 1 ft or 15 - 30cm

 Evergreen shrub

Western Red Cedar

1 – 2 ft or 30 - 60cm

Evergreen tree

Portuguese Laurel

0.5 – 1.5 ft or 15 - 45cm

Evergreen shrub


1 – 2 ft or 30 – 60cm per year Deciduous trees

Deciduous trees

Check out the YouGarden Collections of hedging plants. (Affiliate link)

Select the right small bamboo plants for privacy

So we have covered many tips and ideas and presented several suggestions for selecting bamboo for hedging garden screens. Here is the ‘Guide’ to help you make your decision!

Note that the questions are structured especially for you to eliminate the undesirable bamboo plants, leaving only the best option for you. Download the PDF version – Guide for Selecting Garden Hedging Bamboo.

Guide and ideas for selecting bamboo plants for hedging screens

Download the complete guide to selecting the right bamboo for privacy

Privacy screen matters

Finding the best, even better the right, bamboo is what matters the most. So, use your preferences, what you expect of the bamboo and the table to find the right bamboo for garden screening.

Other factors to consider are, for example, how high the bamboo should grow and how much space is available for it to spread. These important factors have been included in this article, so you will not go wrong when selecting bamboo for hedging.

Furthermore, growing bamboo on the hedge as a privacy screen means that you will have to plant the bamboo close to the neighbour’s side. All these risk-benefit analyses are important as you choose the bamboo for your garden.

Quick links to bamboo plants for privacy and hedging

So, what kind of bamboo is best for privacy? Depending on what you like, here are some suggestions of living bamboo plants for creating an ideal privacy space and garden hedge.

Where to buy bamboo pot plants?

The small bamboo plants are great for privacy walls 0.5m to 4m in height. They come in different heights, sizes and colours. Here are reliable UK retailers that sell bamboo plants and get them delivered to you.

Bamboo Plants and Supplies

UK Suppliers

Phyllostachys Bamboo Plants

Fargesia Bamboo Plants

Black & Golden Yellow Bamboo Plants

Bamboo-based Eco Products

Best Hand Tools for Removing Bamboo

To help you choose the right bamboo, we provide a complete Guide to Selecting Bamboo Plants. The neat sequence of 6 questions leads you to the right plant! Read and Download the guide.

In closure

Using small bamboo plants for privacy has many benefits.  Your garden hedge, sidewalk or balcony will remain green and covered all year round. Some of these bamboo plants you can prune to give it a neat appearance.

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