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Red Bamboo Plants You Can Grow

    Red bamboo plants are native to China and eastern Asia. These bamboo plants are rare. However, some cultivars of the red bamboos are now growing in the UK. And in fact, you can get them online or at a garden nursery near you.

    These bamboos are best for small gardens or pots when planted as individual plants. Though most cultivars are non-invasive clumping umbrella bamboos, we’ve also seen several variations of the running red bamboos.

    Let’s find out about the red running and clumping bamboos that you can grow in the garden or in pots.

    What are red bamboo plants?

    Apart from the common bamboos with green and black culms, you can also find yellow and red stem bamboos. They come in different sizes, shapes heights, and colours.

    The red bamboo plants generally have red colouration in their shoots or stems. Though they may not be red, the name red bamboo is used to identify them as belonging to a group of bamboos with some redness in them.

    There are a few bamboos that really appear to be red. Their shoots and young culms show the distinct crimson or burgundy red. However, these colourations will eventually fade as the stems (culms) age.

    The changes are what make these bamboos special!

    At, you’ll find over 10 red bamboos with the features mentioned above. Here are the 5 red bamboos with prominent red colourations.

    5 bamboo plants with red stems and shoots

    This is a fine collection of 5 red bamboo plants, not only popular in the UK but is also preferred among many homeowners and gardeners. Click on the links to find out about growth requirements and details of the shoots and culms colourations.

    • 1. Fargesia Scabrida (Asian Wonder)
    Asian Wonder Fargesia Scabrida
    Fargesia Scabrida (Asian Wonder) – Clumping Bamboo
    • 2. Phyllostachys rubromarginata
    Phyllostachys parvifolia running bamboo
    Phyllostachys parvifolia running bamboo
    • 3. Fargesia Murielae Red Zebra
    Fargesia Murielae Red Zebra Bamboo
    Fargesia Murielae Red Zebra Bamboo clumping bamboo
    • 4. Fargesia nitida Volcano (Red Chinese Fountain Bamboo)
    Fargesia nitida volcano
    Fargesia nitida volcano the Red Chinese Fountain Bamboo (Clumping Bamboo)
    • 5. Fargesia nitida Jiuzhaigou
    fountain bamboo red panda fargesia nitida
    Fargesia nitida also called Red Panda (Clumping Bamboo)

    These links provide an in-depth collection of the features, growth requirements and care tips for each of the bamboos mentioned. The featured articles here will give you a better understanding of the height, spread and other specific details for growing the bamboos.

    Here is the link to the red stem bamboos and other common running and clumping bamboos that grow well in the UK.

    Grow red bamboos in the garden

    Bamboos are evergreen and long-lasting, best grown in sites where they’ll provide a permanent cover such as in the garden as ornamental plants, or along the boundary as hedges and privacy screens.

    The red bamboos are a standout. So, grow them somewhere obvious where you will admire them all year round.

    It is a good idea to use root barriers if you are growing the running red bamboo plants because this will stop them from spreading. Alternatively, grow them in pots. See below why growing bamboo plants in pots is a great idea.

    Why grow red bamboo in a large pot?

    The red bamboos are fantastic pot plants. Though these plants do not flower regularly, the red canes are naturally beautiful.

    • Movable

    Most bamboos in pots are not easy to move because they are large and heavy plants. The red bamboo plants will require additional help or tool to move them around, like this Hand Truck from B&Q. However, the great thing about growing bamboo in pots is that you CAN actually move and adjust the pots to your heart’s desire with a bit of help.

    • Maintainable

    Bamboos are undemanding plants. You can prune the culms and leave the greenery you want on the potted bamboos, and they’ll keep producing new shoots year on year. That is why they are great natural privacy plants.

    • Protection

    Bamboo plants are hardy and can withstand cold and frosts. Though they are generally tolerant to insects and bugs, the new shoots are susceptible to slug attacks. So, growing them in pots and elevating them above the ground is the best protection.

    • Root barriers

    The red running and clumping bamboos are either invasive or will expand at the base. So, either use the large heavy pots or root barrier to stop them from spreading.

    • Indoor and patio plants

    Bamboos in pots can be used as natural screens for balconies, patios, porches, and verandas. They also provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere for the outdoor sitting areas and are good conversation starters when friends and family visit you.

    You can grow the red bamboo in the garden and use root barriers to stop them from spreading. Alternatively, you can use the pots to grow these bamboos.

    Either way, the red bamboos will give your garden and home a different but natural appearance.

    Slugs and Snails Killer

    Feeds and Fertilisers

    Rhizomes/Roots Barrier

    Heavy Duty Pots and Planters

    The red bamboo plants are a stunning addition to the garden. They are also ideal pot plants. The redness in new shoots and culms and change of colourations make these bamboos a standout.

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