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Phyllostachys Nuda Snow Bamboo

Phyllostachys Nuda Snow Bamboo is a tough running bamboo that thrives in UK weather, does reasonably well in moist well-drained soil and prefers clay and sand or loam soil. Phyllostachys Nuda has adorable pinkish new shoots and evergreen foliage.

Matured dark green stems are a standout in heavy snowfall hence the name Snow Bamboo. It is cold hardy to – 20 degrees Celsius.

Phyllostachys Nuda Bamboo Features

  • Identification: Phyllostachys Nuda, Snow Bamboo, Nude Sheath bamboo.
  • Site: partial shade or shade.
  • Soil: sand and clay or loam soil.
  • Uses: windbreak, hedges, screens and in pots and containers.
  • Winterhardiness: a cold hardy bamboo to – 20°C.
  • Height: 5 – 7m.
  • Spread: Medium-sized running bamboo, very invasive.
  • Foliage: Evergreen Bamboo, spectacular in snowfall.
  • Culm colour: sturdy dark green to almost black, zigzag stems, spectacular white rim near culm node.

Phyllostachys Nuda Snow Bamboo

The spatial feature of this bamboo indicates that it requires space to grow, is tolerant to cold and will do well in any soil condition.

The short sturdy internodes along the culms make it a strong-standing bamboo. It can carry as much as its own weight and is tolerant to heavy snowfall and wind, an ideal plant for a windbreak, dense hedging or screening.

Perhaps it is important to note that if left unchecked, the Nuda Snow Bamboo will invade other spaces very quickly.

Always use Root Barriers as a control measure before planting this bamboo. Someone once said, ‘do not expect your Nuda Bamboo to behave, like a hyper toddler it will explore any given space.’

Although the Nuda Snow Bamboo is very invasive, compared to the other Phyllostachys bamboo plants,  its delicate new shoots are easy to remove.

Propagate new bamboo plant

The new growths and shoots on the Phyllostachys Nuda Bamboo will require care and attention as they grow. Slugs can wipe off the fresh leaves in one visit if left unprotected.

If you are propagating bamboo plants either from the rhizome or culm cuttings or planting a recent purchase, protect the new growths by adding Slug and Snail Killer.

Slugs and Snails Killer

Feeds and Fertilisers

Rhizomes/Roots Barrier

Heavy Duty Pots and Planters

Growing Snow Bamboo

Prepare the area well before planting Nuda Bamboo because it will need moist and nutrient-rich soil to establish itself. It will It is an exceptional bamboo for compacted soil and clay areas such as the new building sites and clay or chalky area.

Put a root barrier down into the soil before planting this bamboo. This is the best way to stop the Nuda Bamboo from spreading.

Yearly growth can also be overwhelming. The shorter internodal rhizome under the soil means more nodes and more shoots.

If you want a thick cluster of culms and dense foliage for a thick hedge or screen, you can tie the stems back, as I did here on my YouTube Channel.

Care for Phyllostachys Nuda

Once Nuda Bamboo establishes itself, add mulch and organic fertilisers, if and when necessary, to promote further growth.

Under the right condition, this bamboo will spread aggressively, so monitor its growth in the first year. Cut or stamp on any new shoots that may have gone out of the way. Alternatively, curl the new growth by mowing around the bamboo plant.

The best way to control the spreading of Nuda Bamboo is to use a Root Barrier, an effective shield for stopping the rhizomes from spreading. If mowing and root barrier are less effective, you can dig out the rhizomes.

Remove the old culm every 2 – 3 years to promote new plants.

In fact, the new Nuda Bamboo is spectacular to watch as it grows. The new sheaths have a vibrant dark pinkish colour, they fall off revealing shiny green culms (stems) which turn darkish green as they mature.

Phyllostachys Nuda is, indeed, an amazing bamboo.

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