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Non-Invasive Fargesia Bamboo Plants To Grow

    Bamboo plants are known for their fast growth and striking appearance, but some species can be invasive. However, there are non-invasive options from the Fargesia group. They are the clump-forming bamboo plants, perfect for smaller gardens and containers, and make excellent privacy screens.

    These bamboo plants are hardy and easy to care for. Most of them can be grown in the UK, although they may be hard to find at local garden centres. We list the top UK bamboo plants supplier on this page that offer Fargesia bamboo plants for sale.

    9 Non-Invasive Bamboo Plants from the Fargesia Group

    Here are 9 non-invasive bamboo plants from the non-invasive Fargesia bamboo species that are worth considering for your garden. Here they are:

    1. Fargesia angustissima

    Also known as ‘Frosty Bamboo,’ this species has slender, arching canes that are green when young and mature to a rich golden color. It grows up to 4 metres in height and is well-suited for hedges and screens.

    2. Fargesia Jumbo Umbrella bamboo

    This species, commonly called ‘Jumbo Umbrella Bamboo,’ has attractive blue-green canes with distinctive bare sheaths at the nodes. It grows up to 3 to 5 metres tall and is known for its dense foliage, making it an excellent privacy screen.

    3. Fargesia Dino

    Fargesia murielae ‘Dino’ is a fantastic, very hardy bamboo with bright green stems turning yellow-green as it matures. It is an excellent bamboo for planting in pots and containers, rarely reaching any more than 5 metres in height.

    4. Fargesia murielae

    Also known as ‘Umbrella Bamboo‘ or ‘Lollipop Bamboo,’ this species has graceful arching canes with blue-green foliage that forms a dense canopy. It grows up to 4 metres tall and is a popular choice for screening and hedging.

    5. Fargesia nitida

    Fountain Bamboo‘ is a compact species with delicate, cascading foliage and green canes that turn purplish-red in sunlight. It grows up to 3 metres tall and is ideal for smaller gardens and containers.

    6. Fargesia robusta

    This species, commonly called ‘Giant Clumping Bamboo,’ has sturdy canes that can reach up to 5 metres in height. It has dense foliage and is often used for creating tall hedges and screens.

    7. Fargesia rufa

    Sunset Glow Bamboo‘ is a colorful species with red-tinted canes and green foliage that turns yellow in autumn. It grows up to 3 metres tall and is prized for its ornamental value and clump-forming habit.

    8. Fargesia scabrida

    Also known as ‘Rough Sheath Bamboo,’ this species has canes covered in rough sheaths that give it a unique texture. It grows up to 4 metres tall and is known for its hardiness and dense foliage.

    9. Fargesia Simba

    Umbrella Handle Bamboo‘ is a compact species with distinctive canes that have a thickened base resembling an umbrella handle. It grows up to 2 metres tall and is well-suited for smaller to protect your garden from harsh winds, reducing the risk of plant damage.

    You can find more information on these bamboo plants on our YouTube Channel and also on our Garden Blog.

    Fargesia murielae dino UK

    What to Do when Growing Non-invasive Fargesia Bamboo Plants

    When planting Fargesia bamboo plants, it’s important to give them enough space to grow and spread. Most species require a spacing of about 1.5 to 2 metres between each plant to allow them to form clumps without overcrowding.

    It’s also recommended to plant them in a location where they have enough room to spread out without encroaching on neighboring plants or structures.

    Regular watering is essential, during dry spells or hot summer months, and especially the new plants will need water and care as they establish their roots. It’s important to keep the soil evenly moist, but not waterlogged, as excess moisture can cause root rot.

    Applying a layer of mulch around the base of the plants can help retain moisture in the soil and regulate temperature. Fertilising once or twice a year with a balanced, slow-release fertiliser can also promote healthy growth and foliage.

    Pruning is generally not required for clump-forming bamboo plants, as they naturally form a compact shape. However, if you wish to maintain a certain height or shape, you can trim the canes using sharp pruning shears. It’s best to prune during the dormant season, in late autumn or winter, to avoid stimulating new growth that may be susceptible to cold damage.

    Buy Non-Invasive Fargesia Bamboo

    Finding the non-invasive bamboo plants from the Fargesia group may be challenging, but there are reputable online retailers in the UK.  We listed some suppliers that offer a wide variety of Fargesia bamboo plants for sale, click here to find out.

    When purchasing bamboo plants, make sure to buy from a reputable source that provides accurate information about the species or cultivar, as well as proper care instructions.

    In conclusion, if you’re looking for evergreen privacy screens for your garden, non-invasive bamboo plants from the Fargesia group are excellent options. They are hardy, low-maintenance, and provide year-round privacy with their dense foliage.

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