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Non-Invasive Bamboo Plants Perfect Addition to Your UK Garden

    Bamboo is an excellent choice for any garden, but many people shy away from it because of its reputation for being invasive. However, there are non-invasive bamboo plants that you can grow in the UK.

    In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most popular non-invasive bamboo plants available in the UK, where to buy them, and how to grow and care for them.

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    Fargesia murielae – also known as Umbrella Bamboo, is a clumping bamboo that is popular in the UK. This bamboo is slow-growing and can reach a maximum height of 4m. The best garden features of Umbrella Bamboo are its beautiful green leaves and graceful arching canes.

    Fargesia nitida – also known as Blue Fountain Bamboo, is another popular non-invasive bamboo in the UK. This bamboo is very hardy and can tolerate temperatures as low as -20°C. Blue Fountain Bamboo has a beautiful blue-green colour and grows up to 3m tall. This bamboo is perfect for creating a screen or a hedge in your garden.

    Fargesia rufa – also known as Green Panda Bamboo, is a clumping bamboo that is perfect for small gardens. This bamboo grows up to 3m tall and has delicate green leaves. Green Panda Bamboo is also very hardy and can withstand temperatures as low as -24°C.

    Bamboo Fargesia murielae rufa
    Click on the image to find out more about Fargesia rufa

    Why are these Bamboo Plants Non-Invasive?

    Non-invasive bamboo plants are clumping bamboos. Unlike running bamboos, which spread quickly and aggressively through underground rhizomes, clumping bamboos grow slowly and form clumps.

    The clumps expand gradually, but they do not spread far from the original plant. As a result, they are less likely to become invasive and cause problems in your garden.

    Where to Buy Non-Invasive Bamboo Plants

    You can buy these bamboo plants in many garden centres across the UK. However, one of the best places to find a UK bamboo supplier is at

    This is our dedicated page that has a list of the top UK suppliers, including the ones we’ve discussed in this article.

    The suppliers offer fast and reliable delivery, and their customer service is excellent.

    How to Grow and Care for Bamboo Plants

    Non-invasive bamboo plants are relatively easy to grow and care for. Here are some tips:

    • Plant bamboo in well-draining soil.
    • Make sure your bamboo plant gets plenty of water, especially during the first year of growth.
    • Mulch around the base of your bamboo plant to retain moisture and keep the soil cool.
    • Bamboo plants do not need fertiliser, but you can use a slow-release fertiliser if you wish.
    • Prune your bamboo plant regularly to control its size and shape.

    Excellent Addition to any UK Garden

    Non-invasive bamboo plants are an excellent addition to any UK garden. They are beautiful, hardy, and easy to care for.

    Whether you want to create a screen, a hedge, or simply add some interest to your garden, these unique bamboo plants are the perfect choice.

    If you’re looking for non-invasive bamboo plants for your UK garden, check out our list of UK suppliers here. They have a wide selection of high-quality bamboo plants at affordable prices. Order now and add some beauty and interest to your garden!

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