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Nandina Domestica Gulf Stream Heavenly Bamboo

    Nandina domestica ‘Gulf Stream’, commonly known as the Heavenly Bamboo plant, barely grows to 1.5m tall and spreads 1m.

    Nandina Gulf Stream is medium in height and spread when compared to the other nandina domestic cultivars.

    This nandina is a fantastic bushy plant with evergreen foliage, perfect for small winter gardens.

    Nandina domestica ‘Gulf Stream’ colouration

    The new foliage is bright red. It greens up in summer, turns fiery red in autumn and winter, and changes to orange in spring.

    It produces white flowers in summer followed by fire-engine red berries in winter.

    The amazing changes in foliage colours are easy to know why this plant is very popular among gardeners.

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    SpringOrange – greenFiery red
    SummerGreen – redWhite
    AutumnFiery red
    WinterRed-orangeFiery red

    How to grow Nandina domestica ‘Gulf Stream’?

    The carefree Nandina shrub is perfect for small gardens and built areas.

    Nandina Gulf Stream is a medium-sized nandina at 1.5m tall and 1m wide. It’s adorable when mass planted or grown as an individual plant. It likes well-drained moist soil.

    It also prefers a tight-spaced area where there is plenty of sunlight. They can tolerate part shade but avoid planting in full shade.

    For the best result, grow in a location where it receives 3 – 5 hours of sunlight daily.

    Planting root bound Nandina Gulf Stream

    New nandina plant come root bound with roots sticking out the sides. Take care when removing them from the pots because any root damage can affect the new plant.

    After planting, water generously until the roots are well established.

    You can grow nandina shrubs at any time of the year, but the bests time is in spring when the growth is prominent.


    Nandina shrubs are ideal evergreen plants for landscaping and design.

    In particular, Nandina Gulf Stream comes alive when deciduous shrubs lose their leaves in autumn. It’s a perfect shrub for small autumn and winter gardens.

    Key features

    1. Versatile plants grow in full sun to part shade.
    2. Evergreen shrub, grow for 15 to 20 years.
    3. Seasonal changes in foliage colour.
    4. Adapts to small and narrow spaces.
    5. Is drought resistant and hardy.

    Is Nandina domestica ‘Gulf Stream’ invasive?

    Some species of Nandina domestica (heavenly bamboo plants) are fairly invasive. They tend to grow away from the parent plants.

    But, the recent nandina domestica cultivars, including Nandina ‘Gulf Stream’, are not invasive. They tend to grow in concentrated clumps around the parent plant.

    It is important to check the plant’s description when buying it because there are different cultivars of Nandina domestica. Not all of them are invasive.

    Prune nandina domestica

    How to prune heavenly bamboo plants and get new shoots
    New shoots grow after pruning in spring. (Garden Bamboo Plants)

    Nandina domestica ‘Gulf Stream’ is an undemanding, low maintenance, shrub.

    It is a slow-growing plant that rarely needs pruning. However, light trimming especially in spring may be required to promote new growth.

    Pruning may be required to keep it in shape. Remove any old plant that looks tired. Cut it completely off the bottom so that new plants can take over.

    You do not have to worry about the plant dying. It is a vigorous plant and will grow new shoots as soon as spring arrives.

    We give an in-depth insight into how to propagate, grow and care for Nandina Heavenly Bamboo shrubs in the linked article. This brief article simplifies all you need to know about these stunning plants, so check it out.

    Why is Nandina domestica called heavenly bamboo?

    Nandina domestica heavenly bamboo or sacred bamboo is a shrub from the Berberidaceae family, not a grass of the family Poaceae.

    In fact, the reason why it’s called heavenly bamboo is unclear. But, the leaves closely resemble bamboo leaves. Also, the upright habit, fountain foliage and clumped base look like clumping bamboo. This is probably why it is called the heavenly bamboo plant.

    Nandina domestica heavenly bamboo is not a real bamboo. It’s a small shrub.


    All in all, Nandina domestica ‘Gulf Stream’ had stunning foliage, perfect for autumn and winter gardens.

    It is low maintenance, draught-resistant and hardy. A versatile plant for small gardens, landscaping and designs.

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