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How to make large planter boxes for outside

Read this article to find out how to re-use pallet timbers and build large planter boxes for the garden, patio or any outside space. The idea is simple, yet it works every time.

You’ll need pallet timbers to make a garden planter box like the one shown above.

Materials for garden box

  • x12 pallet timbers or old weatherboards
  • x8 treated posts (or 4-inch by 2-inch timbers)
  • a packet of nails

Tools required

  • handsaw
  • hammer
  • shovel
  • road pin/crowbar
  • claw bar

Steps for making Large Planter Box

1. Collect the materials you’ll need for the project.

2. Set the dimensions (L, W & D).

3. Cut the corner posts and timbers to length.

4. Dig x4 holes big enough for two posts on each corner.

5. Build the 4 corners. Put two treated posts at the right angle to each other at each corner. Nail them together.

6. Build the sides of the planter box. Use a hammer to nail the pallet timbers to the corner posts. You can use 2, 3 or 4 pallet timbers – this will set the depth (D) of the planter box.

7. Fill the large planter box with garden soil or compost.

That’s it!

Your brand-new large planter box for the garden is ready.

There are many ways to build large planter boxes. In some garden DIY projects, you may use the whole pallet, whereas others require removing the nails prior to using the timbers.

The best tool for removing nails from pallets without spoiling the timbers is a claw bar.

Best technique for DIY Garden Planter Boxes

This is a little-known secret used in many planter boxes and DIY projects. It is called the ‘right-angled’ boxed technique.

The idea is about putting two timbers at right-angle (90 degrees) to each other, where you can build the sidewalls of the box as shown in the image.

This is an effective technique for building strong boxes, raised beds, fences or any garden projects with corners.

planter box IDEA for garden
Each corner with x2 posts at right angle (90 degrees)

Make large planter boxes using DIY technique

Using the right-angle technique is ideal for large planter boxes and raised beds. It makes the sides strong and stable. You can use the garden boxes for a long time.

We use the technique to build these two garden boxes. In fact, we have been using the garden planter box on the right for over 6 years. And this year, we re-use the same pallet timbers to make the new planter box shown in the images above.

That’s how long planter boxes like these last in the garden.

how to make large planter box for outside
Small Planter Pox, elevated (L) and Raised Garden Box (R)

To make the Small Planter Box for the patio, you’ll need pallet timbers, nails and a hammer.

  • Firstly, build 4 stands for each corner. (Use 8 pallet timbers to make the stand for the corners by applying the right-angle technique mentioned earlier)
  • After that, hammer in the side timber, starting from the top. (Nail in 2, 3 or 4 pallet timbers on each side, leaving 5 – 10 cm space at the bottom.)
  • Then, complete the other sides.
  • Fill the Small Planter Box for the patio with soil.

That’s it!

Your new garden planter box for the patio is ready for planting.

Make Raised Garden Box for outside

You can use the same idea to build the raised garden box, which is much simpler than the elevated patio box because its bottom simply rests on the ground. And, requires less work.

You only have to build the x4 corners (using the right-angle technique) and the sides.

Working with wooden pallet timbers is challenging. It is difficult to remove the timbers from the jawed nails.
A wrecking claw bar with a chisel is a perfect hand tool for removing nails without destroying the timbers.

Simple garden DIY ideas that work

In many cases, you do not have to spend money to build new garden boxes and raised beds. You can re-use what you have to create something that you want.

Learning to use gardening techniques like these can help you build strong planter boxes and raised garden beds. They can be adapted to other wooden garden projects too.

Here at, we shared two skills that DIY gardeners will find useful: the Right-angled technique and bamboo pegging. We’ve used it in many projects.

They are simple ideas but work every time.

You can get more ideas about the Home and Garden DIY projects via the links.

DIY planter box for small gardens idea that works
Check out how to make this planter box in the garden via the link

If you’ve read this far, we hope that these ideas help you to build your large planter boxes for outside, either in the garden or for the patio, porch, and balcony.

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  1. Are you building this large planter box from re-useable timbers and cordyline rope?? Man, that’s great.

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