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Use Bamboos to Make Garden Trellis Frames

    Garden trellis frames and frames are ideal for vines and creepers. If you are growing sweet peas, beans, grapes, peas or tomatoes, the bamboo trellis will prove useful.

    Garden plants need support to grow and stay healthy.

    You can build a bamboo trellis in any shape because the sticks are strong and bendable.

    What you will need

    You will need a pair of secateurs or garden loppers, a handsaw, garden ropes, cable ties and bamboo sticks. If you do not grow the running or clumping bamboos, you can purchase the sticks from a DIY shop or source them online.

    Below are steps for building three different kinds of garden trellis: slender arch, a-framed, pyramid and square trellis.

    Slim-arched Trellis

    The first thing is to make bamboo hoops. Then join them together.

    arch wall trellis frames
    Making an arch wall trellis using Fishpole Bamboo

    An arch trellis is ideal for narrow walls and small gardens. Small creeper plants will also love the slender-slim bamboo trellis.

    To make it, you will need two tall bamboo sticks (link) and plenty of short ones, a pair of secateurs and garden ropes or small cable ties.

    • Firstly, tie the tips of the two sticks together.
    • Secondly, bend the sticks to form an arch shape. (You can adjust the length and width to your liking).
    • Then, tie the short bamboo sticks horizontally and vertically – the closer the better. (You can also do this diagonally).
    • Finally cut off any uneven edges sticking out.

    That’s it. Your slim-arch trellis is ready to use!

    Sweet pea garden trellis

    Bamboo Garden Trellis Panels
    Bamboo pot trellis: (L) Sweet pea in full summer bloom and (R) the sweet pea and trellis support in winter.

    Sweet peas love the pyramid-like trellis with three sides. If you are growing them in a large pot or in the garden, you should build this trellis. It looks more or less like a wigwam, but the better because the bamboo sticks will cross-cross close together to form an adorable pattern.

    The sweet pea garden trellis will have 3 side frames, when combined they’ll form a pyramidal structure. That means that you will have to make three separate trellis frames and put them together.

    As a side note, you can build more than three frames (in this case they’ll be squares) and put them together, side-by-side.

    You will need bamboo sticks, garden ropes, cable ties, a handsaw and a pair of secateurs.

    Here is how to build it

    • Firstly, cut 6 lots of bamboos in equal lengths of 4m. (These bamboos will form the sides of the trellis).
    • Secondly, you’ll make three trellis bamboo frames, use 2 bamboos you cut earlier and tie some small bamboo sticks in a triangular shape.
    • Thirdly, repeat the same step until you’ve made 3 triangular trellis frames.
    • Then, use cable ties or garden ropes to tie the 3 trellis frames together to form a pyramid structure.
    • Finally, cut out the uneven edges and tidy them up.

    That’s it, your Sweet Pea Garden Trellis is ready to use. Grow the sweet pea seeds or of the new plant underneath and around the trellis. They will look lovely!

    A-framed trellis frames

    Garden trellis for runner beans
    (L) Making A-frame trellis for runner beans, (R) new runner beans climbing up.

    This kind of trellis is best for runner beans and other creeper plants that rely on need staking. You have the option to build two trellis frames assemble them or build the A-framed structure in the garden.

    For a 4m x 4m A-framed trellis, you’ll need 21 bamboo sticks.

    To build it, follow these steps:

    • Firstly, stake 6 sticks on each side to form an A-shape. (The best way to start is to make the front, middle and back As – we call them the 3As)
    • Secondly, tie long bamboo across the top of the 3As. (This is the length of the A-framed trellis frames).
    • Thirdly, put the other bamboo stick in between the spaces and tie them together. You will have to space them apart according to the number of plants you want to grow.
    • Then, tie 3 or 4 bamboo across (or diagonally) to strengthen the trellis frames.
    • Finally, your A-framed bamboo trellis is ready.

    Your runner beans are going to adore the A-framed trellis.

    Note that if you are going to build a trellis for planting the runner beans, you may have to stake them 20cm to 30cm apart. That means that you will need additional sticks, where necessary.

    Square trellis frames

    Garden trellis panels UK
    A square trellis provides good support for creeper plants.

    The square trellis is not only a multi-purpose trellis but makes a nice centrepiece for the garden. You can grow flowers, soft fruit, vines and vegetables such as cucumbers to grapes and passion fruit.

    To build a 4m x 4m square trellis with two opened ends and three closed ends, you’ll need 35 small bamboo sticks and 4 treated posts. You’ll also need hand tools.

    Here is the material breakdown:

    • 4 treated posts 4m in length,
    • 8 sticks on each side (x2 frames),
    • 8 for the top frame,
    • 10 sticks for strengthening the sides and top frames, and
    • 1 extra.

    And, here are the quick steps to guide you when building the trellis.

    • Firstly, use the first lot of 8 sticks to build the first frames.
    • Secondly, repeat the 3 steps to building the other – you should have three 4m x 4m trellis frames.
    • Thirdly, dig the soil and lay the 4 treated posts at each corner.
    • Next, tie the three frames to the posts.
    • Then, strengthen the trellis by tying bamboo sticks across the frame (or diagonally along it)
    • Finally, your square trellis is ready.

    The square trellis is a stunner – a great garden centrepiece.

    The treated posts give this trellis longevity. It can last for up to 10 years or more. After that, you can replace the bamboo trellis frames and give them a new look.

    Your plants are going to love it.

    Bamboos are durable

    Bamboos are not only stunning garden plants, but they are also eco-friendly and durable.

    There are many things you can make out of bamboo.

    We hope this article inspires you to create a beautiful bamboo hanging wall planter.

    Please, let us know what you think about this project or tell us about your latest project. We would love to hear from you.

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