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Bamboo seed trays with lids

    We take a look at two practical DIY things you can make out of bamboo: the bamboo grow pots and seed trays with lids.

    They are simple propagating mediums, but long-lasting, reusable and eco-friendly.

    Let’s start with how to make bamboo seed trays with lids.

    Bamboo seed propagator - seed tray with lid

    How to make bamboo seed trays with lids

    The first thing is to decide how many seed pots and trays you would like to get from a bamboo cane. After you’ve decided, proceed with the step outlined below.

    Tools and materials: To make the bamboo grow pots and seed trays, you will need a large timber bamboo cane with 4 to 6 internodes, a handsaw, rubber bands and a large knife.

    • Firstly, cut the bamboo 3cm away from the nodes at each end. For each cut, ensure that you have an internode and two nodes.
    • Secondly, use the knife to split the bamboo equally in half. You should have two bamboo nursery pots planters.
    • Then give them pots a good clean to remove any sharp edges.
    • Finally, fill the pots with compost and plant your seeds.

    To make the lid for the bamboo seed trays, you will need a slightly larger internode. Alternatively, use any long off-cuts that are long enough.

    • Firstly, measure and cut the bamboo internode to length.
    • Secondly, split it in half and sand it nicely.
    • Then, fit it onto the bamboo seed tray so that it sits perfectly.
    • Finally, use rubber bands or garden rope to hold it in place

    There you have it – bamboo seed trays with lids

    bamboo grow pot

    How to make bamboo grow pots with lids

    The cut is slightly different to the previous propagating pot. You’ll have to do clean cuts across the bamboo.

    So, when making bamboo seed pots with lids follow these steps

    • Firstly, use the handsaw to make a clean cut 2cm – 3cm away from the bamboo node.
    • Secondly, cut 10cm from the node.
    • Finally, you should have a cup-shaped grow pot. Tidy it up and you are ready to sow you see.

    Why use seed pots and trays with lids?

    Seeds tend to germinate well in conditions where the soil is moist and nutrient-rich and the soil temperature is above 10 degrees Celcius. The Royal Horticultural  Society (RHS) has a detailed guide for sowing seeds here, RHS Germination Guide, PDF.

    In fact, the lids act as a greenhouse to maintain the temperature and humidity in the bamboo seed pots and trays. This encourages the seed to germinate. You can take the lids off when the germinating seeds reach a certain height and transplant them.

    Always put the lid back so that any seeds that remain will have to chance to grow.

    DIY best practice for making seed pots and seed trays

    When making the propagating mediums (pots and trays), either cut the bamboo across the nodes in a cup-like (cylindrical) way or along the cross-section with enclosing nodes.

    The off-cuts are useful as lids, so do not throw them away.

    Take care when working with bamboos because the slit edges can cause deep cuts to exposed skins. Always wear gloves and shoes, to protect your body.

    How to use bamboo – DIY ideas

    In this series on ‘how to use bamboo,’ we put together a fantastic collection of ideas and tips to help you make use of bamboo plants in your garden.

    Bamboos are not only stunning garden plants, they are also an eco-friendly material. You can use you can in many home and garden DIY projects. There are many things you can make out of bamboo.

    We hope this article inspires you to create a beautiful bamboo hanging wall planter.

    Please, let us know what you think about this project or tell us about your latest project. We would love to hear from you.

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