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Bamboo garden ideas and uses

bamboo screen for balcony, deck, patio, porch, varanda

What to Know About Bamboo Plants for Privacy Screens

Bamboo plants for screening privacy: Bamboo plants provide natural privacy screens for relaxation areas such as the balcony, patio, and ...
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easy guide for selecting bamboo hedging plants UK

Garden Bamboo Hedging Privacy Screen Guide

Garden Bamboo Hedging Screen is the best way to shield off unattractive features near the hedge and add a space ...
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(L) Making A-frame trellis for runner beans, (R) new runner beans climbing up.

Grow These Plants for Garden Bamboo Canes

There are different types of bamboo plants that grow in the UK. Some are running and others are clumping bamboo ...
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grow running bamboos UK

Tall Bamboo Plants for Sale Online

Bamboos are amazing plants, they come in different sizes, heights and colours. Some are clumping whereas others are running. In ...
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What are benefits of bamboo plants?

Garden bamboo plants have special properties and structural compositions that are beneficial to gardeners and homeowners. In this article, we ...
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bamboo fence screening panels - bamboo fence rolls

Bamboo Fencing Quality Checks You Should Do

Bamboo materials are great fencing materials because they are durable and naturally resistant to the elements. They come in different ...
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How to Revive Bamboo Leaves Turning Yellow or Curling

Where to Buy Bamboo Plants in the UK

Here are the reputable UK Home and Garden shops where you can get your bamboo plants from. To buy bamboo, click on the link/s where you’ll be directed straight to their bamboo collections.

Bamboo Plants and Supplies

UK Suppliers

Phyllostachys Bamboo Plants

Fargesia Bamboo Plants

Black & Golden Yellow Bamboo Plants

Bamboo-based Eco Products

Best Hand Tools for Removing Bamboo

To help you choose the right bamboo, we provide a complete Guide to Selecting Bamboo Plants. The neat sequence of 6 questions leads you to the right plant! Read and Download the guide.

Each of these UK shops sells a variety of Phyllostachys and Fergasia bamboos and bamboo care and maintenance products.

If you do not see a particular bamboo plant or product that you are looking for, contact them on social media or visit the shops directly.

Alternatively, leave a message with us. We will reach out and help where we can.

Thank you for visiting Garden Bamboo Plants (G.B.P.).