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High Nitrogen Fertilisers for Bamboo

    Organic fertilisers help to keep the soil soft and feed the plants at the same time. They are best for bamboo plants. The bamboo plants love slow-release high nitrogen fertilisers, yet they will benefit from the soluble (quick-release) fertilisers in spring when the new shoots are starting to come out.

    5 fertilisers for bamboo plants

    Here are some lawn fertilisers and multipurpose plant food with high nitrogen content that are great for reviving bamboo plants. Click on the links to check out the products.

    Slow-release fertilisers

    • Miracle-Gro All Purpose (NPK 17-9-11) – A slow-release fertiliser suitable for garden plants and ornamental plants such as bamboo. Apply in spring and it will last till the next spring.
    • Chempak Yearlong Fertiliser  (15-6-2) – Apply this high nitrogen fertiliser once a year. Ideal for all trees, shrubs and evergreen plants like bamboo plants.

    Soluble (quick-release) fertilisers

    • Miracle-Gro EverGreen (NPK 22-5-5) – ensure a steady supply of this fertiliser throughout the growing season, especially just before and after the new shoots have come out.
    • Sportsmaster WSF Spring Summer (28-5-19) – An ideal fertiliser for pastures, contains a high nitrogen content which produces a fast initial effect.

    How to identify high nitrogen fertilisers?

    There are many fertilisers on the market today, but a good lawn or multipurpose garden fertiliser with high nitrogen content is a great option for bamboo plants.

    Top tip: The nutrients in fertilisers are given in the ratio of Nitrogen (N) to Phosphorus (P) to Potassium (K), hence they are often called NPK fertilisers.

    This makes it easy to identify the right fertiliser seen above.

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    Alternative organic fertilisers for bamboo

    Some popular choices for fertilising bamboo plants are natural compost, manure and organic mulch.

    Add a good amount of compost or mulch early in spring just before the new shoots come out, or at the end of autumn to protect the new plants from winter’s cold.

    Check out this peat-free compost, ideal for strong root growth in your bamboo plants.

    Video: The video below shows how a little bit of mulch can make the bamboo plants happy.

    When to add high nitrogen fertilisers?

    You can use a fast-release liquid fertiliser when the bamboo shoots start developing in spring (March-April).

    Also, slow-release fertiliser will do as well, but you should apply it earlier in February-March if you expect warm weather leading into spring and summer.

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