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Bamboo hanging wall planters

Wall planters are ideal for putting colours to a dull wall. Many of the metal wall planters are great but are also expensive. If you want to try a DIY wall hanging plant, making bamboo wall planters are an ideal option.

Large bamboos for DIY projects

Timber bamboos are the best to use in this DIY project but these bamboo are often hard to get at the DIY shop and online. This bamboo is best for projects like this if you can get hold of some.

Alternatively, Phyllostachys Vivax or Phyllostachys Bissettii are common in the UK and tend to produce bamboos with large diameters. A bamboo cane with a diameter of 60cm or more would be perfect for making the bamboo hanging wall planters.

There are two types of bamboo hanging wall planters that you can make: Vertical wall planter and Horizontal wall planter.

How to make a Vertical hanging wall planter

You will need some simple hand tools, large knife and a thick bamboo with 4 – 8 internodes. You need a handsaw, sandpaper/wood file, hand drill, wire, pliers, wire cutter.

  • Firstly, cut the bamboo to the required length, ideally 20cm. Leave a node to hold soil and water. Smoothen the top and bottom rims with sandpaper or wood file.
  • Secondly, drill two holes just above the node (bottom rim) opposite to each other. Then, drill another hole – just one – about 2 cm below the top rim, between the two previous holes. (Note that the holes are vital for drainage as well as holding the bamboo planter up against the wall).
  • Then, run a thick wire through the bottom hole and another through the top hole.
  • After that, secure the wires with the pliers in a triangular sharp, and tilting slightly forwards at an angle.
  • Finally, your bamboo wall planter will look like this!

Bamboo wall planter - DIY Bamboo things you can do

How to make a horizontal hanging wall planter

You will need the same hand tools and bamboo as above. Instead of cutting across the bamboo, this time you’ll split the bamboo along the cross-section.

  • Firstly, cut the bamboo 3cm away from the nodes at each end. For each cut, ensure that you have an internode and two nodes.
  • Secondly, use the knife to split the bamboo equally in half. You should have two bamboo nursery pots planters.
  • Then give them pots a good clean to remove any sharp edges.
  • Finally, fill the pots with compost and plant your seeds.

The access bamboos (the middle off-cut bits) can also be split and used as lids for the bamboo seed trays.

There you have it – bamboo hanging wall planters made from bamboo!

How to use bamboo – ideas

In this series on ‘how to use bamboo,’ we put together a fantastic collection of ideas and tips to help you make use of bamboo plants in your garden.

Seed tray with lid

Bamboos are not only stunning garden plants, they are also an eco-friendly material. You can use you can in many home and garden DIY projects. There are many things you can make out of bamboo.

We hope this article inspires you to create a beautiful bamboo hanging wall planter.

Please, let us know what you think about this project or tell us about your latest project. We would love to hear from you.

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1 thought on “Bamboo hanging wall planters”

  1. Emmett Hine Gardner

    Bamboo hanging walls are easy to make but you need a decent size bamboo – timber bamboo or giant tropical bamboo is best, I don’t think the small bamboo plants that grow in the UK will make good hanging planter pots.

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