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Hand Tools

Hand tools/Uses

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Wrecking bar: Provides leverage for removing tough rhizomes, roots or blocks.

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Pickaxe: Dismantles rhizomes and clumps.

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Handsaw/Loppers: Cuts culms to propagate.

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Sharp garden spade: Digs/cuts small rhizomes and roots, clears dirt.

Pedigree spade is ideal for narrow spaces.

Garden rake/hoe: Clears soil and dirt around the work area.

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Pair of secateurs/garden loppers: Cuts large rhizomes and culms.

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The articles here are about growing and caring for bamboo plants, and they provide a list of hand tools that you must have when working with bamboo plants.

Whether you are cutting, digging, planting or pruning bamboo plants, you will find the articles here useful.

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