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Grow These Plants for Garden Bamboo Canes

    There are different types of bamboo plants that grow in the UK. Some are running and others are clumping bamboo plants. You can grow them and use the stems as garden bamboo canes.

    But, what bamboo plants produce the best bamboo canes?

    What matters the most is the thickness of the inter-cellular walls. Thicker walls produce thick canes which are strong and reusable. Also, choose bamboo plants that have small stems and long internodes.

    In this article, you’ll find out about the 5 bamboo plants that have long and slender internodes, and thick cane walls.

    Best bamboo plants for garden bamboo canes

    Here are some possible places to get bamboo sticks for plants online or in shops.

    The bamboo canes are excellent stakes for garden plants. They come in different sizes and are often used for supporting vines, shoots and many other garden plants.

    Also, the bamboo stems have different thicknesses.

    The best canes have long internodes with thick inter-cellular walls. (Diagrams of parts of running and clumping bamboo plants).

    Grow the bamboo plants below. They have strong stem walls because the stem walls are thick, and ideal for use in the garden.

    1. Phyllostachys aurea (Fishpole bamboo) – Running bamboo
    2. Fargesia murielae Standing Stone – Clumping bamboo
    3. Black Bamboo Plants Phyllostachys Nigra – Running bamboo
    4. Fargesia murielae Blue Lizard – Clumping bamboo
    5. Fargesia Blue Dragon Papyrifera Borinda – Clumping bamboo

    best bamboo sticks for plants in pots and garden

    Buy bamboo plants online

    Buy t bamboo plants online from the UK home and garden shops.

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    Uses of bamboo canes in the garden

    You may have seen bamboo canes used in the garden. In fact, there are countless uses. You can use them as the support for runner beans, sweet peas, and flowers or as hoops for netting in the garden.

    As mentioned, the best bamboos to grow are the plants with thick canes. You will have endless supplies to use in the garden.

    Garden bamboo canes
    Bamboo sticks for plants in pots and garden.

    Here are some garden projects where we use bamboo canes. The canes come from the bamboo plants that we grow in pots and along with the garden hedge and as privacy screens.

    Follow the links for the project details.

    1. Large garden planter boxes

    2. Things you can make out of bamboo

    3. What are the benefits of bamboo plants?

    4. Bamboo bamboo hoops for garden netting

    5. Make Garden Trellis Panels from Bamboos Canes

    What makes a good bamboo cane?

    Many garden bamboo plants in the UK are too big to use as bamboo canes or have thin stem walls.  The bamboos are great for the privacy screen and tall hedges, but not ideal for use as bamboo sticks.

    So, if you want to grow bamboo and use its canes, choose one of the 5 bamboo plants.

    The plants will produce an endless supply of canes.

    You can also use them for fencing, hoops and stakes for indoor plants. The uses are limitless.

    You can also see how we use bamboo on our YouTube channel. This playlist has all the bamboo DIY ideas.

    The bamboo sticks are tall, slender, rounded, tough and strong. They are the perfect support for new plants, vines, beans and garden and pot plants that need stem support.

    The bamboo sticks will last for many years. You can use and re-use the sticks, they are tough, firm and strong.

    They are also flexible, you can bend them to your liking and create amazing shapes and designs.

    Do you have a useful plant in the garden?

    Bamboo stems are fantastic alternatives to timber and plastic garden stakes.

    We would love to hear from you.

    Do you have a plant in the garden that you often use the stems like the bamboo stems? Let us know in the comments below.

    Here is another useful garden plant, Cordyline australis. Its leaves are fantastic garden ropes.

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