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healthy bamboo foliage - high nitrogen healthy plants

High Nitrogen Fertilisers for Bamboo

Organic fertilisers help to keep the soil soft and feed the plants at the same time. They are best for ...
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non-invasive clumping bamboo UK

How to Propagate Clump-forming Bamboo

Clumping bamboos do not have running rhizomes, instead, the roots are packed around the base forming a clumped base, hence ...
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make tomato plants produce more fruit

How to make tomato plants produce more fruit?

Want to know the best way to make tomato plants produce more fruit? There is no hidden secret but to ...
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maintain bamboo plants

How to maintain bamboo plants?

Bamboo plants are undemanding and low maintenance, but neglect is the main cause of yellowing or curling leaves. This stress ...
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how to build bamboo root barriers 5 easy ways

How to stop bamboo from spreading?

There are cheap ways to stop bamboo rhizomes from spreading. Most of them will require genuine effort. Planning before planting ...
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Grow & care for bamboo plants in the UK: This page has all the information you need to successfully grow bamboo plants and care for them. We presented the grow tips and care information in a clear to read, step-by-step format for our readers.

In fact, this is an all in one page that you will get help for growing bamboo plants in the garden or in pots. Check out the popular bamboo plants in the UK here.

Where to Buy Bamboo Plants in the UK

Here are the reputable UK Home and Garden shops where you can get your bamboo plants from. To buy bamboo, click on the link/s where you’ll be directed straight to the Bamboo page.

Bamboo Plants and Supplies

UK Suppliers

Phyllostachys Bamboo Plants

Fargesia Bamboo Plants

Black & Golden Yellow Bamboo Plants

Bamboo-based Eco Products

Best Hand Tools for Removing Bamboo

To help you choose the right bamboo, we provide a complete Guide to Selecting Bamboo Plants. The neat sequence of 6 questions leads you to the right plant! Read and Download the guide.

You can check out the varieties of Phyllostachys and Fergasia bamboos. If you do not see a particular bamboo plant that you prefer, reach on social media or contact the shop directly. You can also leave a message with us. We will reach out and help where we can.

Each shop has a wide range of running and clump-forming bamboo. Check out the prices or compare garden bamboo plants at the retailers’ websites before making a purchase.