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Grow Bamboo in Planters Ideas

    When it comes to growing bamboo in planters, choosing the right planter is crucial to ensure your bamboo thrives. In this article, we will discuss the features that will help you to find the best bamboo planters for growing bamboo plants in the UK.

    Grow Bamboo in Planters

    When looking for bamboo planters, it is important to consider these four features because will affect the growth of the plants.

    1. Size: Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that needs a lot of room to grow. Large planters are better for bamboo as they provide enough space for the roots to grow and prevent the plant from becoming root-bound.
    2. Drainage: Bamboo does not like to sit in water, so it’s important to choose a planter with good drainage. Planters with drainage holes at the bottom or sides can prevent water from accumulating and ensure proper drainage.
    3. Material: The material of the planter is also important. Bamboo trough planters or containers made of natural materials like wood or clay can provide a better growing environment for bamboo as they allow the roots to breathe and absorb moisture.
    4. Mobility: Consider the weight of the planter box and whether it is easy to move around. This is especially important if you plan to move the planter box indoors or outdoors depending on the weather or season.

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    Benefits of Bamboo Planters

    Using planters for bamboo offers several benefits.

    1. Mobility: makes it easier to rearrange your garden or indoor space.
    2. Space-saving: saves space, especially in small gardens or indoor spaces where there may not be enough room for bamboo to grow in the ground.
    3. Control: allows you to control the spread of running bamboo species and keep them contained.

    Disadvantages of Bamboo Planters

    While bamboo planters offer many advantages, there are also some disadvantages to consider:

    1. Limited space: Planters have a limited space for roots to grow, which can lead to root-bound plants.
    2. Maintenance: Bamboo in planters require more maintenance than bamboo grown in the ground as they require regular watering and fertilising.
    3. Cost: Large planters for bamboo can be expensive, especially if you want to use high-quality materials.

    What Bamboo Plants Grow Well in Planters?

    Not all bamboo species are suitable for growing in planters. Running bamboo species can quickly outgrow their containers and become invasive, while clumping bamboo species are better suited for container growing.

    Here are the best bamboo plants that grow well in planters:

    Running Bamboo:

    Phyllostachys nigra (Black Bamboo) and Phyllostachys aurea (Golden Bamboo) are two popular species of running bamboo that can be grown in large planters. These species are invasive, but can be contained in planters.

    Clumping Bamboo:

    Bambusa ventricosa (Buddha’s Belly Bamboo) and Fargesia nitida (Blue Fountain Bamboo) are two popular species of clumping bamboo that can be grown in planters. These species grow slowly and remain compact, making them ideal for container growing.

    Black Bamboo Plants UK

    Our Top 5 Picks: Bamboo in Planters

    Rustic Planter Box – Made of reclaimed wood, this planter box has a rustic look that blends well with any garden décor. It is large enough to accommodate multiple bamboo plants and has good drainage holes at the bottom.

    Bamboo Trough Planter – This planter is made of natural bamboo and is ideal for growing bamboo plants outdoors. It is lightweight and easy to move around, making it perfect for those who want to rearrange their garden frequently.

    Self-Watering Planter Box – This planter box is perfect for those who have busy schedules and cannot water their plants regularly. It has a self-watering system that ensures your bamboo plants receive enough water at all times.

    Ceramic Planter Box – This planter box is ideal for growing bamboo plants indoors. It is made of ceramic and has a modern look that blends well with any indoor décor.

    Raised Planter Box – This planter box is elevated off the ground, making it easy to tend to your bamboo plants without having to bend down. It is made of natural wood and has good drainage holes at the bottom.

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    How to Take Care of Planter Bamboos?

    Taking care of planter bamboo plants requires some effort and attention. Note that the plants are root bound in confined spaces and therefore will require some TLC. Do these to make your bamboo plants happy all the time.

    1. Watering: Bamboo plants in planters require more frequent watering than those grown in the ground. Water your bamboo plants regularly, especially during hot and dry weather.
    2. Fertilising: Bamboo plants require regular fertilising to ensure healthy growth. Use a slow-release fertiliser that is rich in nitrogen and potassium.
    3. Pruning: They can quickly become overgrown in planters, so it’s important to prune them regularly to maintain their shape and size.
    4. Sunlight: The plants require at least 6 hours of direct sunlight every day. Place your planter box in a sunny spot that receives enough sunlight throughout the day.
    5. Winter care: During the winter months, move your planter box indoors or cover it with a protective material to prevent damage from frost and cold weather.


    All in all, choosing the right planter box for your bamboo plants is crucial to ensure their health and growth. Consider the size, drainage, material, and mobility when selecting a planter box for your bamboo.

    Choose the right species of bamboo for container growing, and follow the tips on how to take care of your planter bamboos to ensure their success.

    Finally, With the right care and attention, your planter bamboo plants can add a unique and exotic touch to your garden or indoor space.


    What are planters for bamboo?

    Planters for bamboo are containers specifically designed for growing bamboo plants. They differ from regular planters in that they are typically larger in size, have better drainage, and are made from natural materials like wood or clay that allow the roots to breathe.

    Can bamboo be grown in planters?

    Yes, as long as the right species is chosen and the planter has good drainage. It’s important to choose a large enough planter to accommodate the roots of the bamboo plant.

    Where can I find bamboo planters in the UK?

    Bamboo planters can be found in garden centres, nurseries, and online retailers that specialise in gardening supplies. Some popular options in the UK include Amazon, Gardening Direct, and Thompson and Morgan. Click here to see the list of UK bamboo suppliers.

    Can bamboo be used for screening in outdoor spaces?

    Yes, bamboo is a popular option for screening in outdoor spaces as it grows quickly and can provide a natural and attractive privacy screen. Large planters and trough planters are ideal for this purpose.

    Can bamboo be grown in both indoor and outdoor?

    Yes, bamboo can be grown in both indoor and outdoor. However, it’s important to choose the right species for the specific environment and ensure that the planter has good drainage and the right amount of sunlight. Bamboo planters containers made of natural materials like wood or clay are ideal for indoor spaces.

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