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Green Bamboo Phyllostachys Bissetii Best Features

Green Bamboo Phyllostachys bissetii was given the RHS Award of Garden Merit for its outstanding features.

It has deep green foliage and thick clusters of culms, grows very fast, provides a deep dark green luscious green cover, and adds tranquillity and greenery to the garden.

A fantastic shade plant.

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Features of Phyllostachys bissetii

  •  Green-bamboo-Phyllostashys-bisettiiIdentification: Green bamboo, David Bisset’s Bamboo, running bamboo.
  • Site: Grow in full sun to partial and full shade.
  • Soil: Green bamboo prefers moist but well-drained fertile soil.
  • Uses: Screening and hedging, can be grown in large pots and containers or as an individual plants.
  • Winter hardiness: – 15 – 20 degrees Celsius.
  • Height: Fast-growing plant, 6 – 9m.
  • Spread: 2 – 3m at the base.
  • Foliage colour: Evergreen dark dense foliage all year round.

Green Bamboo Phyllostachys bissetii

Green Bamboo Phyllostachys bissetii is a running hardy green bamboo. It is a fast-growing bamboo reaching up to 5 metres and spread 3 metres.

The Green bamboo grows well in sunny spots as well as in the shade. The culms are dark green when grown in shade. It has tall evergreen culms, long spreading branches and slender leaves.

This green bamboo is ideal for tall hedges and screens. It can also be contained in large pots and containers or used as natural privacy screen blocks.

Green Bamboo (Phyllostachys bisettii) Vs. Golden Bamboo (Phyllostachys aurea)

These two running bamboo plants are similar in appearance from afar. They both have evergreen foliage, winter hardy and spread.
But they have different features. The green bamboo has shiny dark green stems, whereas the Golden Bamboo P. Aurea stems turn from green to golden yellow.
The former is taller than the latter.

Propagate Green Bamboo Phyllostachys bissetii

There are two common ways to propagate the Green Bamboo, either by separation or by rhizome and culm cuttings. I tried different ways to propagate the bamboo over the years and know that it requires a lot of effort to start. But, it is often pleasing when I see the shoots germinating.

Bamboo seeds are often hard to buy near you because they do not flower regularly. The best way to propagate green bamboo is by separation.

On my YouTube channel, I showed the growth of bamboo cuttings every two weeks.  I propagated the cuttings from green bamboo rhizome and culm, and it was a challenging endeavour.

Green Bamboo Bissetii Care

This fast-growing bamboo is hardy and tolerant of frost and infestations.

Although is a low-maintenance plant, it will require care when propagating the cuttings. Due to tender new growths, the slugs adore the leaves and stems. The new growth will succumb to slug and bug attacks.

The new shoots were attacked by slugs.

If you are propagating bamboo plants from rhizomes or culms cuttings, the best thing to do is to protect the new growths by adding the Slug Killer as soon as the new shoots appear.

Slugs and Snails Killer

Feeds and Fertilisers

Rhizomes/Roots Barrier

Heavy Duty Pots and Planters

Grow Green bamboo Phyllostachys bissetii

If you are growing your bamboo from the cuttings or purchasing them from the shop, there are certain factors to consider.

The green bamboo Bissetti thrives in well-drained soil with plenty of moisture. It can also grow in clay and chalk, but it does not like compacted soil.

Prepare the soil well before potting or plating the new bamboo in the garden.

If your bamboo plants are putting out new shoots, the best thing to do is to protect them from slugs and snails.

Even though green bamboos are tough plants and thrive in the UK, the shoots are slug magnets. So, protect them with Slugs and Snail Killer.

Where to use the Green Bamboo

The green colour of the bamboo ranges from deep dark green to light green depending on the sun it is receiving. In sunny areas, the leaves and culm are light green compared to those growing in the shade.

Although the Green bamboo plant is hardy to – 20 degrees Celsius, the leaves will turn brown and die in frost and frozen soil. If they show signs of distress, remove the damaged leaves and culms early in Spring for the new growth.

The thick culms of this running bamboo grow in dense clusters and provide a strong windbreak. The luscious green leaves are beautiful all year round.

We appreciate your visit to Garden Bamboo Plants (GBP) website about bamboo. We invite you to check out our YouTube Channel – Amazing Bamboo Plants.

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  1. Is the Green Bamboo (Phyllostachys bisettii) taller than the Golden Chinese Timber Bamboo (Phyllostachys vixax areosulcata)? Just want to know as I have been contemplating growing one or the other for a tall garden screen.

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