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Golden Yellow Cane Bamboos Spectabilis and Aureocaulis

Golden grove bamboo UK

Golden yellow cane bamboo ‘Spectabilis’ and ‘Aureocaulis’ are from the Phyllostachys aureosulcata group, often difficult to tell apart. The two bamboo plants resemble each other. You have to look closely to identify them.

The significant features that set the two Phyllostachys aureosulata (‘Spectabilis’ and ‘Aureocaulis’) apart are the colouration of the culms and new growth, including minute variations in the shape, size and height. Predominantly, the golden yellow cane bamboo ‘Spectabilis’ and ‘Aureocaulis’ have similar features. The table of comparison will help you to identify bamboo ‘Spectabilis’ and ‘Aureocaulis’.

(Note: The Phyllostachys aurea also called the Fishpole Bamboo is closely related to the two bamboos mentioned in this article)

ID. >

Phyllostachys aureosulcata f. spectabilis 

Phyllostachys aureosulcata f. aureocaulis

Name >

Showy Golden Bamboo Groove 'Spectabilis'.

Golden Yellow Bamboo Groove 'Aureocaulis'.

New Growth >

Pinkish new bamboo shoots.

Reddish new bamboo shoots.

Size >

Large bamboos, spread.

Medium - large bamboo, spread.

Culm >

Peculiar vertical green stripes, zigzag, thick.

Golden yellow, identifiable green rim around the nodes; straight slender.

Common features of ‘Spectabilis’ and ‘Aureocaulis’

  • Site: Grows well in full sun and partial shade.
  • Soil: Well-drained chalk and loam soil, moist.
  • Uses: Excellent for hedging, screening or large pots and containers. Do not do well in windy sites.
  • Temperature hardiness: Hardy to – 15 degrees Celsius.
  • Height: 6 – 8m.
  • Spread: Running bamboo, allow space to spread or contain in large pots.
  • Foliage: Evergreen.
  • Culm colour: Striking Golden yellow, green stripes on rims.

Yellow Bamboo UK Phyllostachys Sulphurea Viridis

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When choosing either Spectabilis or Aureocaulis, it is important to note the features. The table above contains the main features such as the differences in stems, colouration, and height. You can use it to identify which plant suits you.

The two Phyllostachys Aureosulata varieties have received the RHS Merit Award for their outstanding garden features. These running bamboo plants also thrive in pots, containers and small gardens.

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Grow bamboo ‘Spectabilis’ and ‘Aureocaulis’

The two Phyllostachys aureosulata varieties are tall running bamboos that can reach an average of 8 metres in height. The lush evergreen leaves contrast beautifully with the golden yellow culms forming an impenetrable hedge.

Invasive, the Golden Grove Bamboo need space to grow. Alternatively surround the roots with the root barrier to restrict the rhizomes from spreading.

Grow the ‘Spectabilis’ and Aureocaulis’ where there is enough space, away from strong wind, or in large pots and containers to contain its spreading.

The old Golden Grove Bamboo will thrive in well-drained loamy soil with high moisture and nutrient contents. Like most bamboo plants in the UK, they do not like compacted dry soils.

Although the old bamboos will thrive in most UK conditions, they will occasionally need feed and water. In addition, regular checks are vital to containing the invasive rhizomes from spreading.

Care for new bamboo plants

Although the Golden Grove Bamboos are low maintenance plants, the new growth will require care and attention.

The slugs adore the tender new growths, they can wipe off the fresh leaves in one visit if left unprotected.

Protect the new growths by adding Slug and Snail Killer, if you are propagating bamboo plants from the rhizome or culm cuttings, or planting a recent purchase.

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Running bamboo Phyllostachys aureosulata

The Golden Grove Bamboos (‘Spectabilis’ and ‘Aureocaulis’) are large tall plants. The bamboos’ horizontal rhizomes can spread to an average of 4m if left unchecked. It is best to give it space to grow.

Alternatively surround the plants with thick Root Barriers. Better to grow the Golden Grove Bamboos where there is enough space, away from strong wind. Grow in large pots and containers to contain its spreading.

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