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Golden Chinese Bamboo Vivax Aureocaulis

Golden Chinese Timber Bamboo vivax phyllostachys vivax

Best qualities of Golden Chinese Bamboo Vivax: Tall and thick running bamboo, best for tall hedges and screens. The golden stems have spectacular bright green stripes running vertically along the internode. Vivax is an RHS Merit Award-winning bamboo, grows well in a mild temperate climate.

Common Features of Golden Chinese Timber Bamboo

  • Identification: Phyllostachys vivax aureocaulis, Golden Chinese Timber Bamboo, Golden Cane Bamboo.
  • Site: Grows well in full sun to partial shade.
  • Soil: Well-drained loam soil, moist.
  • Uses: Excellent for hedging, screening or large pots and containers. Do not do well in windy sites.
  • Temperature hardiness: Hardy to – 15 degrees Celsius.
  • Height: a tall bamboo 10 – 12m.
  • Spread: running bamboo (behaves like clumping bamboo in a temperate climate), 4 – 6m
  • Foliage: Evergreen tall foliage
  • Culm colour: spectacular green stripes, yellow, bright to matured dark orangey yellow.

Buy Golden Chinese Timber Bamboo Vivax

Golden Chinese Timber Bamboo is an ideal bamboo plant for a tall hedge or natural privacy screen. The tall dense growth and golden yellow bamboo cluster are prominent outdoors.

This large tall bamboo (Phyllostachys Vivax aureocaulis) is a recipient of the prestigious RHS Merit Awards, one of the 5 Phyllostachys bamboo plants. The others include

  • 1. Phyllostachys aurea,
  • 2. Phyllostachys Aureaculata bissettii,
  • 3. Phyllostachys Aureaculata aureacaulis and
  • 4. Phyllostachys nigra.

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Propagate Golden Chinese Timber Bamboo

Although the Golden Chinese Timber Bamboo is a low maintenance plant, the new growth will require care and attention. Slugs can wipe off the fresh leaves in one visit if left unprotected.

If you are propagating bamboo plants either from the rhizome or culm cuttings or planting a recent purchase, protect the new growths by adding Slug and Snail Killer.


The Golden Chinese Timber Bamboo can spread to an average of 6 metres (or more) during a humid Spring or hot Summer. This running bamboo needs space to grow, although it behaves like clump-forming bamboo in a cooler climate.

The new rhizomes and culms can reach their full spread and height, respectively, during a warm Spring or hot Summer.

Although Phyllostachys aureocaulis varieties are undemanding, full-grown bamboo vivax will require attention because of its invasive by nature.

The plants thrive in the cooler temperate climate where there is well-drained loamy soil high in moisture and nutrient contents. Like most bamboo plants in the UK, they do not grow well in compacted soil.


This tall bamboo with dense evergreen foliage is sceptical heavy snowfall and strong wind. To protect from falling, use strong ropes to ties them back, Here is a video to show you how to provide support for tall bamboos.

Surround the rhizomes with the root barrier to restrict them from spreading. In fact, the rhizome tips, as they grow up the root barriers, often will produce lots of new culms. This is an ideal way to get a dense protective hedge privacy screen.

You can contain the Golden Chinese Timer Bamboo in large pots and containers. This impressive bamboo may not grow to its full height in contained spaces, but planted in nutrient-rich soil with good moisture, it will surely exhibit its best features.

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