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Buy Bamboo Plants for Screening

Bambusa Multiples

Garden bamboo plants are popular in the United Kingdom (UK) and are the main features of many gardens. They have attractive foliage and bring a tropical effect to the garden, evergreen and dense. They are a delight to have in the gardens – here is where to buy bamboo plants for screening

Although some bamboo varieties are invasive, many UK gardeners are finding simple ways to grow and contain bamboo plants.

This article provides information about the 10 bamboo screening plants that are common in the UK.

Types of UK Garden Bamboo Plants

Running bamboo has horizontal underground stems called rhizomes. The running bamboo is great for garden borders and screens and is becoming popular in recent years. This variety is also invasive and needs close attention.

Clump-forming bamboo grows well indoors and out in the garden. They are small plants compared to their cousins, the Running bamboo plants.

However, clump-forming bamboo plants are great plants for garden pots and containers.

The running bamboo plants have great stem colourations, whereas the clump-forming have dense foliage.

Common UK Bamboo Screens

The bamboo plants are native to tropical areas and require a lot of sun and humidity.

Nevertheless, there are garden bamboo plants that thrive in temperate climates.

Bamboo varieties such as red bamboo, black bamboo and hardy bamboo thrive exceptionally well in British weather.

Here are some of the common running and clump-forming bamboos you can get from one of the UK’s suppliers. 

5 Common Types of Running Bamboo Plants

grow running bamboos UK
Bamboo screen -tall running bamboo

Great for borders and screens, the running bamboos are great for gardens and have become popular in recent years.

The common names and Scientific names are shown in the table alongside the approximate Price Range.

The prices are reflective of the various sizes of the plants at the time of the article and a subject to change.

Note: The price ranges are indicative of online prices we compared at the time of this post, September 2021. Use the prices for guidance only.

Scientific/Common name

Guided price range

Phyllostachys aurea (Fish-pole golden bamboo)

£30.00 - £70.00

Phyllostachys nigra (Black Bamboo

£30.00 – 100.00

Phyllostachys vivax (Golden Stem Bamboo)

£20.00 – £100.00

Pleioblastus variegatus (Dwarf White-striped Bamboo)

£12.00 – £50.00

Phyllostachys Humilis (Scottish Bamboo Plants)

£15.00 – £60.00

Buy Bamboo Plants for Screening

clumping bamboo for sale UK

Small bamboo plants, the clump-forming bamboo plants are great pot and container plants.

The prices are reflective of the various sizes of the plants at the time of the article and a subject to change.

Check with your local garden centre and online stores. Here is a list of top UK bamboo suppliers.

Click on the link to read more

Scientific name

Guided Price Range

Fargesia murielae Simba

£30.00 - £80.00

Fargesia murielae Winter Joy

£40.00 - £70.00

Fargesia murielae Jumbo

£40.00 - £90.00

Fargesia murielae Rufa

£20.00 - £60.00

Fargesia nitida Black Pearl

£30.00 - £70.00

Clumping bamboo Fargesia murielae group: A guide to help you find the right bamboo. (note that the prices range is indicative only. Please, check in-store or online for updated prices.


Bamboo plants in pots for sale

The ‘Price range’ in the tables above takes the lower-end price from the major online markets like e-Bay and Amazon at the time of this article.

Costs of Bamboos ranges between £20 and £60 or can be even higher. When buying plants, always choose a reputable garden shop because they sell high-quality plants.

Always check the post and package cost as this may not be included in the final cost of the bamboo plant. This may be dumb, but it is the best way to avoid paying more than you should.

The upper price limits are from the leading Garden Centres in the UK. The upper price limits are indicative of the delivery prices. However, the prices do fluctuate, therefore check the actual door price before making a purchase.

10 Interesting Features of UK Garden Bamboo Plants

Bamboos have features, structures and properties that are interesting to know, especially if you are a keen gardener. Some bamboo can grow to more than 10 metres high in the wild. There are over 10,000 known varieties of bamboo plants in the tropical jungles in Asia and the Pacific.

Bamboos are hardy and evergreen all year round. Some varieties thrive in cold temperate weather. Here are 10 interesting features of garden bamboo plants in the UK.

The bamboo plants:

  1. are evergreen all year round.
  2. roots are difficult to remove.
  3. grow well in pots and containers.
  4. can withstand cold British winter.
  5. are invasive and need care and attention.
  6. splinters are razor sharp. Cuts can be nasty.
  7. costs depend on the size and height and cost.
  8. can be used as sticks for staking plants in the garden or fencing.
  9. are either running bamboo (garden) varieties or clump-forming bamboo (grow in pots) varieties.
  10. are suitable for garden décor and centrepiece, borders, fences, privacy screens, and garden poles and sticks.

If you want to find out how fast bamboos grow, here is an article that gives Answers to 10 Common Questions about Bamboos.

Buy screening bamboo plants in Pots

Online bamboo P&P: Getting bargain garden bamboo plants from online marketplaces like Amazon and e-Bay can be satisfying.

However, the price of Garden Bamboo Plants from online marketplaces does not include the postage and packing, P&P.

Therefore, it is perhaps important to check out the actual cost price of the plant on sale before buying it.

Home bamboo delivery: Many established Garden Centres and online garden shops in the UK factored the cost of delivery into their charges.

Though it may look expensive, the price of bamboo plants on sale is always the home-delivery price.

So whether you are thinking of buying from the major online marketers or at your favourite garden shops, use the Price Range in the tables in this article as a guide. Check out this article on How To Grow Bamboo Plants in the Garden, an insightful take on planting and nurturing new bamboo plants.

Grow and Use Bamboo Plants

The evergreen foliage of the garden bamboo plants is adorable all season. Its strong and hardy stems make for a strong fence. The sticks are fantastic for staking beans and sweet peas.

The bamboo plants, whether grown as privacy screens, hedges or used as staking sticks, are growing in popularity among gardeners and homeowners in the UK.

Check out this article on How To Grow Bamboo Plants in the Garden, it is an insightful take on planting and nurturing new bamboo plants from cuttings and how to identify the plants.

We hope this article inspires you to grow your own Bamboo plant in the garden and enjoy the beauty of this amazing plant.

If you have any questions, comments, corrections or requests feel free to reach out to us via our social media pages or comment below. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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