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It can be used as a stunning specimen plant, a privacy screen, or a dramatic focal point in borders.

Variegated Arundo Donax: Introducing Peppermint Stick Giant Reed

Standing tall with striped foliage, the Peppermint Stick Giant Reed is a captivating addition to UK gardens. Reaching up to 4 meters, this architectural wonder boasts green and white striped leaves, resembling peppermint candy canes. While low-maintenance and tolerant of some cool weather, its invasive nature requires containment in containers or with root barriers. If managed responsibly, this striking plant adds a touch of the exotic and year-round visual interest to your garden.

Giant Reed: From biofuel to beautiful music

Arundo donax: Introducing Giant Reed Bamboo Lookalike

The Giant Reed (Arundo donax) resembles bamboo but has softer stems and dies back in winter. Reaching up to 20 feet tall, it thrives in sun and moist soil. While its feathery plumes are attractive and it has commercial uses, its aggressive roots can cause problems. Careful management is required to keep it under control in your garden. Due to its invasive nature, research local regulations before planting.