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Fargesia Robusta Wolong Broad Leaf Bamboo

    Fargesia Robusta Wolong Best Qualities: A rare bamboo, Wolong stands out among the Robusta Bamboo plants with its large, elongated leaves and red-orange shoot sheaths. It closely resembles Farsegia Robusta Campbell in appearance and features.

    This clump-forming specimen bamboo is very draping and arching, perfect for borders, screens and small hedges no longer than 5 metres high. Its broad shiny dark green leaves are ideal for creating a lush tropical effect in confined spaces.

    Characteristics Fargesia Robusta Wolong

    • Identification: Fargesia Robusta Wolong, Fargesia Robust Wolong
    • Foliage: Evergreen, dark shiny foliage, broad (elongated) leaves.
    • Culm: Green culm, red-orange sheathing
    • Height: 5m at full height.
    • Spread: 3 – 4m, clump-forming.
    • Use: Hedge, borders, screen, contained spaces, specimen.
    • Perennial: 10 -20 years.

    Robusta Bamboo Growth requirements

    • Site: Full sun to part shade.
    • Soil: loam or sand and clay.
    • Moisture: Well-drained, high moisture.
    • Hardiness: -15 to -10 degrees Celsius, relatively hardy bamboo.

    Buy Fargesia Robusta Wolong

    Fargesia Robusta Wolong has stunning green culms and shiny evergreen foliage. In addition to its broad leaves, its red-orange shoots and sheaths make this specimen of bamboo a gem.

    We’ve compiled a list of the reputable Garden retailers in the UK where you can buy the right bamboo at the right price. If you wish to purchase robusta bamboo, check out the bamboo collections from the top UK Garden shops online or in shops near you.

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    How to choose bamboo plants

    Before buying a bamboo plant, check out the features that we provide. The best qualities and features we list on each page will give you an idea about the bamboo in 5 – 20 years’ time. You should know about the general appearance, height, spread, hardiness and all that you expect of the bamboo.

    Use these tips based on the bamboo features prior to choosing a bamboo to grow.

    • Space or area where you want to plant it.
    • Height of your hedge or screen.
    • Size of your pot/container.
    • How cold does it get in Winter (see hardiness)?
    • How far does the bamboo spread?

    You’ll find the right bamboo plant by using your expectations (what you ideally want the bamboo for) and the features of the bamboo (we stated here).

    How to care for Bamboo Plants

    This relatively hardy bamboo (Fargesia Robusta Wolong) can withstand air temperatures as low as – 15 degrees Celsius. However, like the other Fargesia murielae and Fargesia Nitida varieties, the Robusta Wolong does not like frozen soil. Its leaves, sheaths and culms can wilt and wither to an appalling brown persistent frozen soil.

    Although bamboo is a tolerant and tough plant, new shoots and rhizomes are prone to Slugs’ damage. If you see signs of new growth, add Slugs and Snail Killer to protect it.

    Revive Specimen Bamboo Wolong

    Older bamboo plants tend to be undemanding where the soil is rich in moisture and nutrients. You’ll have to act fast to save your bamboo when the leaves turn yellow or curl, or the new shoots wilt and whiter.

    The main cause of unhealthy bamboo is compacted dry soil, low in moisture and nutrients. It will require some work to revive the bamboo plants. One way to do that is to add mulch to increase the moisture content in the soil. Another way is to dig around the soil to loosen it, and then add fertiliser.

    Checking the soil is surely an effective way to revive and preserve your bamboo from dying completely.

    If this does not work, it may mean that it is time to move the bamboo to a new location. So, transplant your specimen Fargesia Robusta Wolong to save it.

    Fargasia Robusta Bamboo Collections at GBP

    Fargesia Robusta Wolong resembles the other Robusta Bamboo plants that we feature on Garden Bamboo Plants (GBP). Fargesia Robusta Wolong’s best features among the Robusta Bamboo group are the broad tropical leaves and red-orange sheaths the green culms. It is non-invasiveness and produces a draping and arching formation.

    Here is a unique selection of Small to medium Fargesia Robusta Bamboo plants under the Umbrella Bamboo label. Stunning collections that you should check out.

    1. Fargesia Robusta Campbell
    2. Scabrida Asian Wonder
    3. Fargesia Robusta Pingwu
    4. Fargesia Robusta Formidable Clump-forming
    5. Robusta Bamboo Collection

    Bamboo Plants for Hedge, Screen or Contained Spaces

    Our work on bamboo on this site shows that there is, in fact, the right bamboo plant for every garden and contained space.

    Bamboo plants are tolerant and tough, they provide the evergreen perennial effect. These plants are fast-growing and long-lasting and provide the best greenery cover all year round.

    Bamboo plants are known to grow at an average rate of 0.5 – 1.0m in Spring and Summer, reaching their full maturity within 3 – 5 years. Interestingly, these hardy plants remain evergreen for up to 20 years, even more.

    Let us know your requirements

    Watching the bamboo hedge dancing in the wind or standing among the white snowfall providing the evergreen cover is a wonderful experience. You can create this experience wherever you are with the right bamboo.

    Let us know what your requirements are, and comment below. We will suggest a bamboo that is right for you based on the qualities and features of the bamboo plants we feature here on GBP.

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