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Fargesia Robusta Campbell Umbrella Bamboo

    Fargesia Robusta Campbell is non-invasive. A popular bamboo due to its clump-forming nature and stunning appearance.

    Enclosed on the light brown sheaths are the bright green culms (stems), turning olive-green as they mature.

    Fargesia Robusta Campbell is a fantastic bamboo in the Fargesia Robusta Umbrella Bamboo group.

    Characteristics of Fargesia robusta ‘Campbell’

    • Identification: Umbrella Bamboo ‘Campbell’, Clump-forming, robust (fast-growing) bamboo.
    • Culms: Slender tall and deep green culms.
    • Leaves: Dark green foliage.
    • Mature Height: tall bamboo, 5 – 7m.
    • Spread: 2.5 – 3m.
    • Hardiness: – 20 degrees Celsius.
    • Site: Sun or part-shade.
    • Care: Low maintenance bamboo plant, prefers sunny sites.

    Fargesia Robusta Campbell is the fastest growing bamboo in the Fargesia murielae and Fargesia Nitida group, hence the name robust or robusta. Its stem is strikingly slender and tall, new growths form tight clusters, ideal for tall hedges and natural privacy screens.

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    Fargesia Robusta ‘Campbell’ Bamboo

    Umbrella Bamboo ‘Campbell’ is well known as the Fargesia murielae robusta ‘Campbell’. This clump-forming bamboo has evergreen dark green foliage. Its stems are light green, long and slender.

    Robusta Campbell is a fast-growing Fargesia bamboo that can reach a full height of approximately 5m during a year’s growth and remain evergreen for more than 5 years.

    Campbell Bamboo’s new shoots are dark red. As they grow, the striking colour contrast between the light brown sheath and the light green stem and dark green leaves is stunning, observable between Spring and early Summer.

    The elegant Fargesia robusta ‘Campbell’ is ideal for tall hedges and privacy screens. It is containable in pots and containers. It prefers a nice sunny spot, with good soil and moisture to grow well.

    Robusta ‘Campbell’ Bamboo Care

    Though Fargesia ‘Campbell’ Bamboo is a low-maintenance plant, the new plant requires regular water and mulch to establish its roots and shoots.

    It may need tidying up in Spring by cutting the old culms. If you wish to re-grow the bamboo, separate the stems from the base culms or re-grow using the culm cuttings.

    Hand tools/Uses

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    Fargesia Murielae Bamboo Info

    There are currently as many as 86 Fergasia bamboo species, hybrids and natural bamboos, known to growers.

    Each bamboo species is unique and prefers certain growing conditions. For example, the 12 common types of Fergasea Nitida listed below, come in all sorts of sizes, colours and heights.

    There is a Fergasia bamboo plant that is fit for every garden.

    Here is a list of some Fargesias that are common in the UK. You can get information about these Fargesias here at Garden Bamboo Plants (GBP).

    • 1. Fargesia murielae Angustissima
    • 2. Fargesia murielae Asian Wonder
    • 3. Fargesia murielae Blue Lizard
    • 4. Fargesia murielae Ivory Ibis
    • 5. Fargesia murielae Jumbo
    • 6. Fargesia murielae Lava
    • 7. Fargesia murielae Luca
    • 8. Fargesia murielae Nitida
    • 9. Fargesia murielae Maasai
    • 10. Fargesia murielae Red Zebra
    • 11. Fargesia murielae Simba
    • 12. Fargesia murielae Scabrida

    To know the features and qualities of the popular bamboo plants, check out the  Fargesia Nitida Collection and Fargesia murielae Collection on Garden Bamboo Plants.

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