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Fargesia murielae Lava Small Compact Bamboo

    Grow Fargesia murielae Lava: Lava is a small, bushy evergreen Umbrella Bamboo, non-invasive and undemanding. Known for its dense and compact arching foliage close to the ground. If you want a small bamboo to grow in a contained space or for a low hedge or screen, Fargesia murielae Lava is the best option.

    Fargesia murielae Lava Characteristics

    • Identification: Fargesia murielae Lava, Umbrella Bamboo, Small Bamboo Lava.
    • Foliage: Bushy dense green foliage.
    • Culm: Striking yellow-green stem.
    • Height: 2m, small bamboo.
    • Spread: 1 – 2m, does not spread, well-behaved bamboo.
    • Use: Excellent container plant, small hedge or screen, landscape.
    • Perennial: 10 – 20 years.

    Bamboo Growth Conditions

    • Site: Full sun to part shade and shade.
    • Soil: Loam, sand and clay.
    • Moisture: Well-drained and moist.
    • Hardiness: (To be updated)

    Buy Fargesia murielae Lava

    We’ve compiled a list of the reputable Garden retailers in the UK where you can buy the right bamboo at the right price. Click on the link to check out the Bamboo Collections.

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    How to Select Bamboo Fargesia Bamboo

    Before buying a bamboo plant, check out the features because they will help you to select the bamboo that meets your expectation. The 5 tips below will guide you to select the right Bamboo Fargesia Murielae.

    • Size of your pot/container.
    • Height of your hedge or screen.
    • How far does the bamboo spread?
    • How cold does it get in Winter (see hardiness)?
    • Space or area where you want to plant the bamboo.

    Grow Bamboo Fargesia murielae Lava

    Fargesia murielae Lava is similar to Fargesia murielae Simba, however, it is smaller, compact and miniature in appearance. Simba is taller at 2 – 3 m for a smaller bamboo and has slender leaves.

    Fargesia varieties, and especially the murielae bamboos, are less demanding compared to the other Fargesia Robusta group of bamboo plants. The small clump-forming bamboo plants like the Fargesia murielae Lava are best for small and contained spaces. They are brilliant for creating Tropical effects with their broad and elongated leaves and dense foliage. Here is another bamboo, ideal for producing a Tropical atmosphere.

    Lava can grow at a rate of 0.3 to 1.0 metres in a year in the UK. This small bamboo is tough and tolerant of pest and natural threats like wind or snow.

    On average, this fast-growing miniature bamboo can reach its full height (of ~2m) in 3 – 5 years. After that, it will remain evergreen for an estimated 10 – 20 years under the right growing conditions and care.

    Uses of Bamboo Fargesia Bamboo

    This clump-forming non-invasive (small) bamboo is the best choice for small hedges and screens. Furthermore, Fargesia murielae Lava thrives as pot plants and indoor container plants. Here are some tips to grow this small plant indoors.

    Bamboo Lava adapts well to confined spaces. One reason why it makes a good container plant is its compact ‘Umbrella’ effect, stunning in Summer.

    Another reason for this non-invasive Umbrella Bamboo is the eye-catching contrasting colours. In fact, the broad dark green leaves and arching branches and slender yellow-green culms make it the best choice for small bamboo.

    Fargesia murielae Lava Care

    Although bamboo plants are tolerant, there is a number of natural threats growers should be mindful of.
    Mitigating these early threats is the best thing to do to protect the new growth. Here are the common natural threats that are likely to affect the growth of your Fargesia murielae Lava:

    •  New leaves, bamboo shoots and rhizomes tips are susceptible to slug attack.
    • Frozen soil damages the exposed root hairs and rhizomes.
    • Strong winds damage the tender new culms.

    Nurture Bamboo Fargesia murielae Lava

    To avoid the natural threats to your bamboo plants, do these:

    • Apply Slug and Snail Killer around your new bamboo.
    • Tie the culms to poles/stakes
    • Add organic mulch.

    Generally, the bamboo plants thrive in well-aerated loam, or sand and loose clay soil but the older plants will require fertiliser and moisture, at least, once in Spring. Check to see if they are putting out new shoots, or whether the leaves and soil are in good condition.

    This clump-forming bamboo loves moist soil, but not waterlogged soil, The roots hairs will decay very quickly in waterlogged soil. Something to avoid if you are growing a new bamboo purchase.

    Read about the ‘Best Soil for Growing Bamboo Plants.

    Propagate Fargesia murielae Lava

    There are three ways to propagate bamboo plants from the seeds, or by culm and rhizome cuttings, or culm separation.

    Some bamboo growers have successfully used the conventional ‘Layering’ as the fourth way to propagate large bamboos. However, propagating bamboos from the cuttings and by separation is, by far, the two popular ways many gardeners use in the UK.

    Our experience has indicated that the slugs were capable of wiping out the tender growths in one visit when left unprotected. To protect the new bamboo shoots and rhizome tips, add Slug and Snail Killer around the new plants.

    We give a detailed insight into different methods of Growing Bamboo Plants. Great articles for anyone interested in propagating bamboo using the methods listed above.

    Fargesia murielae Lava Small Umbrella Bamboo

    Fargesia murielae Lava is an Umbrella Bamboo that stands out from the other small Umbrella Bamboo we feature in Garden Bamboo Plants (GBP).

    Identifiably, Bamboo Lava’s best features are its yellow-green small stems, compact foliage and low and low hanging branches.

    If you want to give a small compact space (or undergrowth or front hedge) a Tropical look, this small bamboo will do the job.

    5 Small Bamboo Plants for Small Spaces

    Here is a unique selection of Small Fargesia Bamboo Plants we feature here at Garden Bamboo Plants (GBP) that are similar to Fargesia murielae Lava.  (See the Small Bamboo Collection)

    1. Scabrida Asian Wonder
    2. Fargesia Robusta Wolong
    3. Robusta Bamboo Collection
    4. Frosty Bamboo Angustissima
    5. Fargesia murielae Bimbo Small Bamboo

    The small bamboo plants are ideal for contained spaces and small gardens and hedges. They are also fantastic for landscaping, and tolerant to extreme variations in weather and soil conditions. Some of these small bamboos are hardy down to – 20 degrees Celsius.

    Small Bamboo Qualities and Features You Should Know

    Check out the Qualities and Features we list here to discover the right bamboo for your garden. Here at Garden Bamboo Plants (GBP), we have the information available to help you make the right choice.

    Watching the bamboo hedge dancing in the wind or standing among the white snowfall providing the evergreen cover is a wonderful experience. You can create this experience wherever you are with the right bamboo.

    The Care and Maintenance information we provide on Fargesia murielae Lava is based on our experience with bamboo that we grow in the Garden. Additionally, data on Growth Requirements and Qualities of the bamboos are from reliable sources within the UK like the

    • RHS UK website,
    • Local Garden Centres and
    • Affiliate Partners.

    We can help you find the right bamboo to meet your expectation. Let us know what your requirements are. Leave a comment below.

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