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Fargesia Papyrifera Borinda Blue Dragon

Fargesia ‘Blue Dragon’ (Fargesia papyrifera Borinda) is known for its stunning stem colouration. Blue Dragon’s whitish-blue culms can reach a full height at 5m to 7m. The borinda bamboo family are ideal for natural privacy screens or as an ornamental garden feature.

Quick facts Fargesia ‘Blue Dragon’

  • Identification: Fargesia papyrifera ‘Blue Dragon’, Borinda ‘Blue Dragon’, Borinda Papyrifera.
  •  Foliage: Evergreen bushy foliage.
  • Culm/sheath: Tall, thick, powdery whitish-blue culms and large brown sheath.
  • Height: 4 – 7m, upright.
  • Spread: 3 – 4m, clump-forming.
  • Use: specimen, containers, oriental garden, individual plant, landscaping.

Growth requirements

  • Site: Shade to full sun.
  • Soil: loam (equal amounts of sand, clay, silt) or loam-based composts.
  • Moisture: Well-drained and moist.
  • Hardiness: –15 to – 10 degrees Celsius, UK H5 hardy.

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What are the other Borinda clumping bamboo cultivars?

There are several varieties of Borinda clumping bamboos cultivators. They are clumping umbrella bamboo, non-invasive, upright with evergreen foliage. They are hardy, vigorous and tolerant plants.

Many of them are recent cultivars in the UK. For instance, the ‘Blue Dragon’ (or Blue Stem Bamboo) cultivar was introduced in 2015.

There are several Fargesia Borinda varieties that are thriving in the UK. Here are the three that you can find online or at your local garden centre:

  • Fargesia ‘Blue Dragon’ (Fargesia papyrifera Borinda)
  • Frost Bamboo (Fargesia Borinda Angustissima).
  • Chocolate Bamboo (Borinda fungosa).
  • Borinda yunnanensis (Fargesia yunnanensis)

These recent cultivars are not prominent in the UK. You will be lucky if you can find one easily.

What are the standout features of Fargesia Borinda bamboos?

The four Fargesia Borinda bamboos have stunning features from the new shoots to culm colours, sheets and leaves. They are prominent in the US and Australia where there are pronominally seen in feature gardens and landscaping. These bamboo varieties also add splashes of different colours to the backyard garden and outdoor areas.

Fargesia papyrifera Borinda: The ‘Blue Dragon’ Papyrifera Borinda is a clumping umbrella bamboo, also called the ‘Blue Dragon’ after its spectacular blue culms. It is a tall upright bamboo that will eventually arch under the weight of the shiny green leaves. A great ornamental plant.

Fargesia Borinda Angustissima: Borinda Angustissima is probably the common Fargesia Borinda  bamboo in the UK. Angsutissima is known for its crimson-purple shoots, lime green culms, creamy sheaths and frosty leaves giving it a white powdery appearance. Fantastic as an individual plant or in rows as a privacy screen and hedge.

Borinda fungosa: This clumping bamboo is a standout due to its burgundy-red culms. It has large slender leaves that closely resemble the leaves of Fargesia yunnanensis. Both bamboo fungosa and yunnanensis have beautiful leaf patterns. The leaves tend to form a full, lush screen perfect for small outdoor spaces.

Fargesia yunnanensis: This fountain bamboo has peculiar purple-pink sheaths, and the young foliage has hair-like nodes. The leaves of bamboo Fargesia yunnanensis and Borinda fungosa are similar. You must pay close attention to the sheath, culms and shoots to tell them apart. They are perfect for small outdoor spaces, or pots and containers.

Fargesia Borinda Angustissima Bamboo UK
The ‘Frosty Bamboo’

How to grow Fargesia papyrifera ‘Blue Dragon’?

Growing the Fargesia papyrifera ‘Blue Dragon’ from clump separation is probably the quickest way.

Culm cuttings is another effective way to grow the ‘Blue Dragon’. However, you have to propagate the cuttings in a propagating medium before transplanting them.

Growing these spectacular specimen bamboos requires care and attention to get them off to a good start.

But, as mentioned, the Fargesia Borinda family are quite recently cultivars in the UK. Therefore, you may have difficulty finding a ‘Blue Dragon’ grove near you. If you cannot get a plant at your local nursery or garden centre, check online.

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Uses of Fargesia papyrifera ‘Blue Dragon’

This clump-forming bamboo is the best choice for tall garden hedges and privacy screens. In fact, the thick green leaves, arching evergreen foliage and upright dense culms are the best choices for tall covers.

It is also an ideal bamboo for large pots and containers. One reason why it makes a good container plant is its compact (clumping) nature. It adapts well to confined spaces.

‘Blue Dragon will grow to its full height when planted in pots and it will still give the admirable stem colourations, slender culms and evergreen foliage.

In addition, if you want to grow a Fargesia Borinda in pots and containers, the best option is Fargesia Borinda Angustissima.

How to care for your Fargesia ‘Blue Dragon’?

Fargesia papyrifera ‘Blue Dragon’ plants are tolerant to pests and variable soil conditions. But, be mindful of slugs’ attacking the new growths.

Protect the new growth, especially in Spring and Summer when the new growths are prominent, by applying Slug and Snail Killer.

The ‘Blue Dragon’ is tall. This bamboo, like the tall bamboo plants, is susceptible to wind. Stake the new culms to protect them from swaying and breaking.

General care for bamboo plants

Generally, the running and clumping bamboos love moist soil, but they do not like waterlogged areas.
Newly planted bamboo plants will thrive in well-aerated loam, or sand and loose clay soil. So, make sure that the soil remains well-drained and aerated.

In addition, the older plants will require fertiliser and mulch, at least, once in Spring.

Check to see if they are putting out new shoots, or whether the leaves and soil are in good condition.

Slugs and Snails Killer

Feeds and Fertilisers

Rhizomes/Roots Barrier

Heavy Duty Pots and Planters

For healthy bamboo plants, do these:

  • Apply Slug and Snail Killer around your new bamboo.
  • Add organic mulch.
  • Tie the culms to bamboo sticks/stakes.
  • Add NPK fertilizers.
  • Trim old culms to promote new growths.

Finally, the Fargesia ‘Blue Dragon’ and three other Fargesia Borinda bamboo plants are stunning plants. The clump-forming bamboos are recent cultivars hand have outstanding colourations and features.

3 thoughts on “Fargesia Papyrifera Borinda Blue Dragon”

  1. Fargesia Borinda bamboos are a stunning and versatile group of plants, ideal for gardens and landscaping projects. Their striking features, including new shoots, colorful culms, sheaths, and leaves, add elegance and sophistication to any outdoor space.

    Fargesia Borinda bamboos are also a sustainable choice for landscaping, with fast growth rates and low environmental impact.

    I am excited to learn more about these amazing plants.

    1. Hi there,

      Thank you for your comment about Fargesia Borinda bamboos. They are indeed a stunning and versatile group of plants, and I’m glad you’re interested in learning more about them.

      Here are some additional tips for enjoying your Fargesia Borinda bamboos:
      – Use them to create a privacy screen. Fargesia Borinda bamboos grow quickly and densely, making them ideal for creating a privacy screen. Plant them in a row along the edge of your property or in a corner to create a secluded area.
      – Use them to add height and interest to your garden. Fargesia Borinda bamboos can grow up to 20 feet tall, so they make a great addition to any garden. Plant them in the background of your garden to add height and interest.
      – Use them to create a focal point in your garden. Fargesia Borinda bamboos are a beautiful focal point for any garden. Plant a clump of them in the center of your garden or in a prominent location.

      No matter how you choose to use them, Fargesia Borinda bamboos are a great addition to any garden. With their stunning features and fast growth rates, they are sure to add elegance and sophistication to your outdoor space.

      I hope these tips are helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. Fargesia papyrifera Blue Dragon: Rare clumping bamboo with stunning foliage and vibrant canes. Easy to grow, perfect for gardens or containers.

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