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Bamboo Projects

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how to buy a bamboo fence roll and build bamboo privacy fence

Bamboo Privacy Fence Easy to Install

Bamboo privacy fence has been gaining popularity in recent years as a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood or ...


Things you can make out of bamboos

Bamboos are not only eco-friendly materials, they are fantastic materials for making many home and garden DIY projects.

Bamboos are used extensively in the Asia and South Pacific regions for many purposes, from cooking food to building materials and arts and crafts. The uses are limitless!

DIY Bamboo Projects

Why bamboos? Bamboos are durable, tough and tolerant to bugs infestations. They are also flexible materials that you can cut, shape and bend to your liking.

This characteristic makes bamboos a very good material for DIY arts and crafts projects. You can use bamboo to create stunning objects for use at home or in the garden.

The options for DIY Bamboo Projects are, as mentioned, limitless. This is a page where you can get bamboo project inspirations!