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Heavy-duty Gardening Gloves Prevent Bamboo Cuts

    The best thing to do is to wear heavy-duty gardening gloves and boots when working in the bamboo garden.

    Tidying up your bamboo garden is a great way to monitor the growth of the plants. The bamboo care and maintenance jobs you do will keep your bamboo in good shape. But bamboo splinters and cutting edges are sharp with the potential to cause nasty cuts. We need to protect ourselves when working with bamboos.

    Let’s take a look at the common hazards to look out for.

    Why wear heavy-duty gardening gloves?

    Bamboos are biodegradable. They’ll break down within a couple of years. But fresh bamboo splinters can inflict cuts to the body, which can lead to serious infections. Wearing gloves is the best way to protect you from bacterial infections.

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    Bamboo cuts may not be a major concern if they are washed, cleaned and treated immediately.
    The concern is that microorganisms in the garden can enter your body through cuts and cause serious infections.

    The important thing is to prevent cuts, scrapes or splinters by wearing gardening gloves.

    Bamboo gardening hazards

    New bamboo plants and established bamboo groves pose different risks. As mentioned, the main concern is to avoid cuts from bamboo splinters and strips.

    Gardeners who have worked with bamboo will attest to the fact the bamboo splits are very sharp. Cuts are like paper cuts but deeper.

    The potential for infection is high. So, here are 5 hazards to look out for when working in the bamboo garden.

    How to grow bamboo plants from culm cuttings

    Splitting bamboo pot plants

    Splitting bamboo before planting is the best way to get several plants out of a single purchase. (Here are the Pros and cons of splitting bamboo plants).

    Wear gardening gloves when splitting bamboo to protect yourself from the dirt.

    Sharp bamboo strips

    Bamboo strips are sharp due to the way the bamboo culms grow. Split bamboos tend to have a lacerated edge.

    Fortunately, many garden bamboo plants in the UK do not require splitting. They are mostly used as garden sticks for staking plants. But if you are working with split bamboos and bamboo splinters, always wear gloves for protection.

    Bamboo edge cuttings

    Remove the old bamboo culms neatly by cutting across the cross-section. This will prevent any sharp bits from sticking out at the base of the bamboo groves and causing injuries.

    Ominously, the base of the culms lasts longer than the other parts of the bamboo because they are strong. Any past cutting can cause nasty cuts to bare hands.

    Bamboo splinters in garden soil

    If you are using bamboo sticks in the past year, you are likely to find remains in the soil. You do not have to worry if you pulled all the bamboo sticks out neatly.

    However, be cautious that the remains of bamboo sticks in the soil can enter your fingers with great ease. So, look out for any bamboo remains in the garden soil if you used it recently.

    Wear heavy-duty garden gloves or thorn-proof gardening gloves when weeding and planting.

    Pulling bamboos from grove

    Golden Chinese Timber Bamboo

    Injuries to the hands can happen when pulling bamboos out of a grove. Bamboo branches spread and form a strong interconnecting network. It can be really hard to pull them out. If your grip on the bamboo slips and accidentally catches a sharp strip, it can be nasty. Cuts could be deep.

    Therefore, if you are going to cut a bamboo stick for garden plants or remove old culms, always wear a pair of heavy-duty gardening gloves to prevent bamboo cuts.

    If you want a pair of heavy-duty and thorn-proof gardening gloves, here’s one you’ll like:

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    Cuts and scrapes caused by bamboo splinters and strips can get infected very quickly.

    Wearing gloves is the best way to protect you from bacterial infections regardless of how old you are.

    Protection is better than cure.

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