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Bamboo Digging Tools – Recommended

    Bamboo digging tools: Finding the correct bamboo digging tools is often the key to an easier job. Many experiences have indicated that digging up clump-forming bamboo or running bamboo is a tedious task.

    The bamboo that grows among trees and new concrete structures can be even harder to dig out. Though the bamboo rhizomes and clump-base are found at the top layer of the soil, it will require a lot of digging, cutting and pulling. Find the correct tools that will help you to do all these.

    5 bamboo removal digging tools – recommended

    The list of the top 5 Hand Tools (and alternatives) you should have when digging bamboo.

    1. Pickaxe (or mattock) – For digging and breaking into the rhizomes (of the running bamboos) and clumps (of the clump-forming bamboos).
    2. Wrecking bar (or crowbar) – access the rhizomes and break up the solid clumps.
    3. Garden Rake – clear the working area off loose soils and leaves.
    4. Pair of Secateurs – cut the root hairs, small culms and rhizomes.
    5. Pair of Garden Loppers (or hand saw)– cut the bulky clumps and rhizomes.
    pickaxe for digging bamboo rhizomes
    Correct tool key to a light job

    ‘Lever’ is key when removing bamboo

    The correct tools make the job easier. If you are planning to dig and remove bamboo plants, you will need all the 5 had tools listed above.

    Running Bamboo Plants: The rhizomes of the Running Bamboo Plants run horizontally away from the parent plant and also intertwine with other rhizomes, plant roots and anything in their way. So, a long-handled hand tool with a pointed tip gives you access and provides the lever you need to remove the bamboo deep underground.

    Clump-forming Bamboo Plants: The clump-base of the clump-forming bamboo plants is often tightly packed together, tough and strong. The best way to deal with it is to work your way through the clump base from one side and chip off bit by bit until you remove the bamboo.

    Perhaps the most important point is to use a long-handled hand tool to give you the leverage you need to uproot the bamboo.

    Although, the bamboos do NOT grow deep into the soil. It will require a lot of digging, cutting and pulling.

    Removing bamboo slow and steady

    The hardest part is removing the intertwined rhizomes of the runner bamboo or chipping away the tightly packed clump-base of the clump-forming bamboo.

    It is going to be a slow and steady job. So, do not try to get them done in one go if you are working alone. In a case where you want a fast job, get help.

    Where you Buy Bamboo Digging Tool: As mentioned, a better tool for digging tough and stubborn bamboo is one that gives you the best leverage. Check out this page for more information about the correct digging tools and where to buy them.

    Our experience digging bamboo

    Our running bamboo plants are in great shape providing the evergreen cover over many years. It is always a delight to see the new delicate bamboo shoots in Spring or the old plants dancing in the wind in Summer. Never a dull moment.

    But, it is hard work to maintain them. Tedious. Here are some bamboo Grow & Care tips we shared earlier.

    The correct tool is the pickaxe and garden loopers. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to remove or dig up their bamboo plants.

    Tools for planting bamboo

    Planting a new bamboo purchase or growing one from the nursery also requires a good dig. The ground hole has to be deep enough to take the whole plant.

    Many bamboo plants come in heavy-duty container pots of various sizes, ranging from 10 L pots (26cm diameter top and 22cm depth) to 40 L pots (50cm diameter top and 35.5cm depth.)

    Generally, dig an area about twice the Top Diameter and Depth of the pot. So, choose a good digging tool. If the soil is compacted and tough, you will need a pickaxe or crowbar.

    Ideally, a crowbar or spade that is narrow at the tip (such as the grafter and trench digger) will do the job.

    Tools for planting bamboo
    Dig an area wider than the diameter and depth of the holding pot.

    Alternative bamboo digging and planting tools

    The 5 tools mentioned in this article are all you need to dig and remove the bamboo. To recap here are the 5 tools: Pickaxe (or mattock), Wrecking bar (or crowbar), Garden Rake, Pair of Secateurs and Pair of Garden Loppers (or hand saw).

    Pickaxe and Wrecking bar are must-haves.

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