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Bambusa Multiplex Cultivars for Your Garden

Bambusa Multiplex, also known as Hedge Bamboo, is a stunning clumping bamboo species with lance-shaped foliage and erect stems in green, yellow, brown or purple. This versatile plant is perfect for creating privacy screens, windbreaks or as an ornamental specimen in your garden. Discover its beauty and ease of maintenance.

Yellow Bamboo UK Phyllostachys Sulphurea Viridis

Bambusa eutuldoides The Giant Timber Bamboo

Discover the beauty and versatility of Bambusa eutuldoides, commonly known as Giant Timber Bamboo or Yellow Bamboo. With its tall, straight culms, vibrant yellow coloration, and dense clumping habit, this perennial bamboo species is perfect for construction, furniture making, or as an ornamental plant in gardens and landscapes. Learn more about its growth features and how to cultivate this stunning bamboo species for your garden or landscape.