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Bambusa Multiplex Cultivars for Your Garden

    Bambusa multiplex, commonly known as “Hedge bamboo” or “Bamboo Multiplex,” is a species of bamboo that is highly valued for its compact and dense growth habit. It is a clumping bamboo that is popular for its versatility and ease of maintenance in gardens and landscapes.

    In this article, we give details of this non-invasive (clump-forming) bamboo and its popular cultivars

    • Common Name: Hedge Bamboo or Bamboo Multiplex
    • Foliage Type: Lance-shaped or linear leaves forming a dense canopy
    • Culm Colour: Green, yellow, brown, or purple, depending on variety and age
    • Height: 3-8 metres (10-26 feet), depending on variety and growing conditions
    • Spread: Clumping growth habit, does not spread aggressively like running bamboo
    • Perennial: Yes, it is a perennial plant.
    • Cultivars: Alphonse Karr,’ ‘Golden Goddess’ and ‘Silverstripe’
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    Foliage of Bambusa multiplex

    The foliage of Bambusa multiplex is lance-shaped or linear, forming a dense canopy. The leaves are typically green, but can vary depending on the variety and age of the plant.

    The dense foliage of Bambusa multiplex makes it an excellent choice for privacy screens, windbreaks, and as an attractive standalone specimen plant in gardens and landscapes.

    Culm colour

    The culms or stems are usually erect, slender, and have a diameter of about 1-3 cm. They are typically green, but can also exhibit shades of yellow, brown, or purple, depending on the variety and age of the plant.

    Some popular cultivars of Bambusa multiplex, such as ‘Alphonse Karr,’ have yellow culms with green stripes, while ‘Golden Goddess’ has golden yellow culms, and ‘Silverstripe’ has green culms with silver-white stripes.

    The unique culm colours of Bambusa multiplex add to its ornamental appeal and make it a sought-after choice for landscaping projects.

    Alphonse Karr bamboo Bambusa multiplex 'Alphonse Karr'
    Alphonse Kerr Multiplex Bamboo

    Height and spread

    Like most bamboo species, Bambusa multiplex is a relatively fast-growing bamboo species. However, its height can vary depending on the variety and growing conditions.

    It can reach a height of 3-8 metres (10-26 feet), making it suitable for creating tall hedges, screens, or windbreaks.

    Many gardeners described its height as ‘typically moderate’.

    It forms tight clumps and does not spread aggressively like running bamboo species. This makes it easier to manage and control in a garden or landscape setting.

    Perennial nature

    Bambusa multiplex is a perennial bamboo species, which means it lives for multiple years and does not need to be replanted annually. This makes it a low-maintenance option for gardens and landscapes, as it does not require frequent replanting.

    With proper care, this unique bamboo can thrive for many years, providing a lasting and attractive addition to any outdoor space.

    You can find more information on these bamboo plants on our YouTube Channel and also on our Garden Blog.

    Uses of Bambusa multiplex

    It is highly valued for its ornamental appearance and versatility. It can be used to create privacy screens, windbreaks, or as a standalone specimen plant in gardens or landscapes.

    Its dense foliage and unique culm colours add visual interest to outdoor spaces and make it a popular choice for landscaping projects.

    Additionally, Bambusa multiplex is sometimes used for crafting and furniture making due to its strong and durable culms. It is also a food source for animals like pandas and provides habitat and food for other wildlife, making it ecologically valuable.

    Final words…

    Bambusa multiplex, or Hedge bamboo/Bamboo Multiplex, is an attractive bamboo species, well-suited for gardens and landscapes.

    With its dense foliage, unique culm colours, moderate spread, and perennial nature, it is a low-maintenance option for adding privacy screens, windbreaks, or ornamental focal points to outdoor spaces.

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