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What are Benefits of Bamboo Salt?

    The Korean bamboo salt is entering the salt markets in the US, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and other European countries. But what are the benefits of bamboo salt and why is it so expensive?

    Interests in bamboo salt

    The salt, also known as Jukyeom, originates from Korea 1000s years ago. It is used for cooking and as a form of traditional medicine.

    The Koreans believe that repeated burning and leaching of the bamboo, clay and pinewood have purified and enhanced the salt. The traditional users claim to have observed many health benefits.

    The demand for this salt is now growing in the Asian markets, especially in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines as new products are made from bamboo salt, such as salt-based oral and washing products.

    Making bamboo salt

    Bamboo salt is made by filling natural bamboo tubes with sea salt and sealing it with natural clay. The salt is burnt at very high temperatures for hours. This process is repeated up to 9 times.

    Brief facts: Bamboo salt is

    • high in mineral elements.
    • very expensive compared to the normal table salt.
    • believed to have medicinal and healing properties.
    • originally developed by Korean as a medical remedy.
    • put into bamboo and heated for 10 hours in over 1000 degrees Celsius heat. The process is repeated 9 times.

    Here are some living bamboo FAQs and facts.

    Common mineral elements in the salt

    The bamboo salt contains traces of over 70 mineral elements which are safe for consumption and have health benefits.

    Here are the common mineral elements present in the salt:

    • iron,
    • zinc,
    • copper,
    • calcium,
    • sulphur,
    • potassium,
    • manganese,
    • magnesium and
    • phosphorus.

    Notably, the high sulphur content is a great alternative to sulphur supplements.

    bamboo salt UK

    Benefits of bamboo salt

    Traditional benefits of bamboo salts are held in high esteem by Koreans and other users. In particular, those who saw and experienced it.

    It is important to note that some researchers agree that this salt contains more beneficial mineral elements than other salts. It also has a rather unique granulated texture and tastes better. For these reasons, the demand for this salt growing both in the traditional Asian markets and in the emerging markets in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

    Even so, there are concerns that there is a need to confirm the benefits claimed by the traditional users.

    Why is the bamboo salt price so high?

    The high cost of this salt can be attributed to the demand. As mentioned earlier, there is a high demand in Asia and well in the emerging US and UK markets.

    In fact, many traditional users who live in those regions are fuelling the demand. Hence, the high price they are willing to pay.

    A recent estimate revealed that 240 grams of bamboo salt can cost US$100 or £73. That’s like US$400.20 (or £304) for a kilogram.

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    Source of vital elements

    Bamboo salt is a good source of mineral elements. In fact, there are over 70 elements in the salt that have health and physical benefits.

    These natural minerals in the salt are an alternative to mineral supplements, even though it is expensive.

    Bamboo salt toothpaste

    The toothpaste and teeth whitening polish made of bamboo salt has traces of the mineral elements mentioned above. The bamboo salt toothpaste is a good alternative to fluoride toothpaste. It tastes different and feels different. It also has unique oral benefits.

    The teeth whitening polish are smooth against teeth and cleans effectively leaving your teeth white and shiny.

    The salt toothpaste reduces the build-up of plaque. The salt in the toothpaste is a good natural remedy for bad breath and sensitive teeth because it tends to kill harmful oral bacteria.

    Besides, if you are a fan of bamboo salt, you’ll love this salt product. It is reasonably cheaper than salt itself.


    This is an overview of the mineral elements present in bamboo salt. This will help you to find out whether they are beneficial to you and whether the bamboo salt price is reasonable.

    Readers note: This is an article about bamboo and bamboo products that are growing in popularity. It is by NO means professional health advice. Please, seek professional advice about the benefits and medical uses of bamboo salt and mineral elements before treating any medical conditions or diseases.

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