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What to Know About Bamboo Plants for Privacy Screens

Bamboo plants for screening privacy: Bamboo plants provide natural privacy screens for relaxation areas such as the balcony, patio, and porch. Its natural evergreen foliage, slender leaves and various cane colourations have been known to create a calming atmosphere in outdoor spaces.

This article identifies the different outdoor places and suggests the right bamboo plants for screening for a balcony, deck, patio or porch.

Are bamboo plants best for small outdoor spaces?

Bamboo plants come in different sizes, shapes and colours – tall, short, running, clumping, etc. The options are endless! But you must select the running and clumping bamboos carefully to grow in pots. (Read about how to grow bamboo in pots).

Both the running bamboo and the clumping bamboo plants have small varieties that are best for small outdoor spaces. Many of these bamboo plants thrive in pots and containers and are perfect privacy screens for the balcony, deck, patio or porch.

Natural bamboo privacy screen for balcony and terrace

Many people use the terms balcony and terrace interchangeably to mean an extended outdoor space that has a roof cover and comfortable seating area. In fact, there is a slight difference between the two outdoor spaces. The balcony is smaller and has only one entry door whereas the terrace is comparatively larger with multiple entryways. Both are affixed to the main building structure.

So, what are the best bamboo plants for privacy screening on a balcony or terrace? Firstly, find out the length of the space that needs screening, and how many pots or containers may be required. Secondly, decide what containers are best for the space and how many you’ll need.

The third step is important – what type of bamboo plants to choose?

How to find the right Bamboo Privacy Screen for Balcony: See the table below that contains the bamboo plants for privacy screening balconies and terraces. They are slender, tall and grow very fast ( ~2cm per day), ideal for providing screen cover for narrow spaces.

How to select bamboo plants for screening privacy?

A deck is an elevated ‘roofless’ outdoor seating area whereas a patio may not be necessarily elevated and is made of paving stones, bricks and blocks. Both deck and patio are often used for large recreational activities and gatherings at home.

Many homeowners prefer to use bamboo sticks (canes) and bamboo mats for deck and patio screening, but do you know bamboo plants are also great natural privacy screens and windshields?

You can even turn the deck into a private outdoor space and block out the unsightly features by screening it with bamboo plants.

The tall, upright and slender running bamboo and clumping bamboo plants that reach 2 – 4 metres in height are perfect for deck screening.

How to find the right bamboo plants for deck or patio privacy screening: We compiled a list of small to medium bamboo plants end of this article to give you an idea about the right plants to pick for screening patio and deck.

Bamboo privacy screen for porch or veranda

Porch and veranda do not vary a great deal. Often these two enclosures may refer to a roofed entrance (or the front) of a house. However, a veranda can extend to the side or the back of the house. Whereas, a porch is located at the front of the house.

Many porches and verandas are long and narrow. Therefore, select a bamboo that will serve well in narrow spaces.

The upright bamboo plants grow straight up without arching, they have tough narrow canes (culms), slender leaves, and dense foliage – suitable bamboo plants for creating a natural privacy screen in narrow spaces.

How to find the right bamboo plants for porch or veranda privacy screening: To identify the upright bamboo plants for the porch and veranda, check out the table containing small to medium bamboo plants.

10 small and medium bamboo plants for outdoor screening

We identified the different outdoors areas and bamboo for privacy screens so far. In addition, we created an easy-to-use guide for selecting the right bamboo.

How we arrange the bamboo plants in this list: We consider the height and spread of the bamboo as we arrange the bamboo according to its uses. For example, the small bamboo plants are ideal for small enclosures like the porch, veranda and balcony. The bamboo plants that are two metres in height are good for large enclosures like the patio, deck and terrace. 

Table of Options for Bamboo Privacy Screening

Buy these bamboo plants are

10 Small Garden Bamboo Suitable for Outdoor Privacy Screens

Fargesia murielae Luca, Umbrella Bamboo, Dwarf Umbrella Bamboo Luca

  • Height: < 1m, small bamboo

  • Spread: 0.5 – 1.5m, clump-forming (grows well in pots and containers)

  • Use: Porch, Veranda

Fargesia murielae Lava, Umbrella Bamboo, Small Bamboo Lava.

  • Height: ~2m, small bamboo

  • Spread: 1 – 2m, does not spread, well-behaved bamboo (grows well in pots and containers)

  • Use: Porch, Veranda, Balcony

Fargesia Murielae Bimbo, Muriel’s Bamboo, Umbrella Bamboo

  • Height: 2m, small bamboo

  • Spread: 1.5 – 2m, clump-forming (grows well in pots and containers)

  • Use: Porch, Veranda, Balcony

Fargesia Robusta Pingwu, Green Screen, Umbrella Bamboo

  • Height: 3 – 4m at full height

  • Spread: 1.5 – 2m, clump-forming, (grows well in pots and containers)

  • Use: Porch, Veranda, Balcony, Terrace

  • Height: 2m, small bamboo

  • Spread: 2 – 3 m clump-forming, (grows well in pots and containers)

  • Use: Porch, Veranda, Balcony, Terrace

Phyllostachys nigra (Black Bamboo nigra. Clump-forming bamboo)

  • Height: 4 - 6m, medium height bamboo

  • Spread: 2 – 3, running bamboo (contain on in pots and containers)

  • Use: Patio, Deck

  • Height: 5m, upright bamboo

  • Spread: 2 - 4m, clump-forming (contain in  pots and growing containers)

  • Use: Patio, Deck

Phyllostachys aurea (Fishpole Bamboo, Golden Bamboo)

  • Height: ~ 4m, medium to tall bamboo

  • Spread: 2 – 3 m, running bamboo (Must grow in pots and containers)

  • Use: Terrace, Patio, Deck

Fargesia murielae Rufa (Bamboo Rufa, Chinese Fountain Bamboo, Dragon Head Bamboo)

  • Height: Height: 2 - 3m, small bamboo

  • Spread: 2 – 3 m clump-forming (grows well in pots and containers)

  • Use: Porch, Veranda, Balcony, Terrace, Patio, Deck

  • Height: 2 - 4m, small bamboo

  • Spread: 1 - 2m, non-invasive, clump-forming (grows well in pots and containers)

  • Use: Veranda, Balcony, Terrace, Patio, Deck

How to grow bamboo plants in pots and containers

Growing bamboo plants for the balcony, deck, patio or porch needs careful planning.

We cannot stress enough to plant the bamboo in pots and containers, whether it is running or clumping bamboo. This is the best way to contain the bamboo plants from spreading to other spaces.

If you are going to grow a new bamboo purchase, bamboo cuttings, here are two articles to help you:

Why Bamboo Privacy Screen for Balcony, Deck, Patio and Porch

Bamboo plants are fast-growing and can produce the evergreen dense privacy screen in 2 to 3 years.

The bamboo plants are tolerant to pests and variable weather conditions. Some bamboo plants are extremely hardy and can withstand very low temperatures in Winter.

One reason why bamboo plants are ideal for small outdoor spaces is that they are undemanding plants. They thrive in small, confined spaces with well-drained soil and good moisture. In addition, you do not need to replace the bamboo plants or repotting them unless they outgrow the pots after 5 – 10 years.

The balcony, deck, patio or porch screening plants will need fertiliser feed, at least, once a year. So, give them a feed ideally early in Spring – just before the new plant shoots grow. This will give you lush greenery and a formidable privacy screen for many years.

Check out the other related article below for bamboo growing tips. Here is a comprehensive guide to selecting bamboo plants for the garden privacy screens. You’ll love it!

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