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Bamboo Golf Tees Eco-friendly and Durable

Conventional golf tees were made from plastic, rubber or wood. A recent addition is the bamboo golf tee, which is growing in popularity. The bamboo golf tees are eco-friendly and durable golf accessories.

We put answers to important questions about bamboo tee as compared to ordinary golf tees.

Key features

The bamboo tees are made from 100% natural bamboo. They will break down and turn into the soil in less than two years, so they are environmentally friendly.

Here are six standout features of the latest bamboo golf tees.

  • Durable.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Tees come in packs.
  • Zero friction top area (holster).
  • Difficult to find under brown grasses.

Are bamboo tees better than plastic and wood tees?

What is important when selecting a golf tee is the height and resistance. A better golf tee should offer consistent height and less resistance.

  • Consistent height: the tees with calibrated marks help you to set them at the same level when playing so that you hit the ball at the same height every time.
  • Less resistance: the holster top area should offer less resistance so that the golf ball does not spin too much.

A golf tee that offers the two important features makes it a better tee.

The latest bamboo golf tees offer these features. More so, they are durable and eco-friendly.

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Golf-friendly features of bamboo tees

Apart from the eco-friendly features, the bamboo golf tees have some advantages over wooden tees. This is the best golf tee for your driver if you are looking for consistent tee height. It has coloured strips to help you adjust the tee height so that you hit the same spot every time.

Also, the zero-friction holster reduces friction and provides significantly less resistance when you tee. This reduces the spin rate and increases the performance.

The adjustable height markings and zero-friction set the bamboo tee apart from the other golf tees.

Are bamboo golf tees durable?

Yes. The bamboo tees can be used more per drive than the conventional wooden tees.

They are tough and more durable. Thanks to the growth behaviour of the bamboo plants. They have tough elongated cellular walls unlike the trees with compacted walls.

In natural conditions, bamboo stems are hollow but strong enough to support their weight. The strips from the bamboo used in making the golf tees are more durable. So, bamboo tees have this tough natural feature.

Are bamboo golf tees eco-friendly?

Yes. Bamboo is high up in the eco-friendly materials used for making golf tees

A fully grown bamboo stem decomposes in less than 5 years. For a bamboo tee, it can take less than two years (even less time) to turn into soil.

This is how environmentally friendly bamboo and wooden tees are. Compared to the rubber and plastic golf tees, this rate of decomposition puts bamboo an eco-friendly material.

Wooden tees

A wooden golf tee is more common among beginners and seasoned golfers. The wooden tees are biodegradable. They are also easy to buy near you.

Many golfers prefer wooden tees because they are comfortable with the feel and use them.

Despite these benefits, wooden golf tees are not durable as those made of bamboo and rubber.

Rubber tees

Rubber tees are best for practice or used at home. It is also the ideal golf tee for kids. The rubber tees are long-lasting. In fact, they can take a lot of stress and not lose their shape.

The rubber tees are for fun and not for use on the golf course.

Plastic tees

Plastic golf tees are not eco-friendly, but more durable. Many golfers use rubber tees because they do not break easily under stress. Some are reusable which means you do not have to buy new ones.

The downside is that the plastic tees are non-biodegradable.

Generally, plastic products are the main cause of environmental pollution in the world today. The plastic golf tees at your golf course add to this pile of plastic waste.

Replacing them with wooden or bamboo tees is a small, but significant, step to keeping your golf course free of plastic wastes.

Parts of golf tees

A golf tee has three parts: the top area, the shaft, and the tip.

  • Top area can be round and curved in which the golf ball can sit. Some have bristles just like your toothbrush, and others have flat top holsters to reduce friction.
  • Shaft is the main part between the top area and tee top. Each tee may have a different length, sometimes a single tee has black calibrated marks for adjusting the height.
  • Tip is for pinning the golf tees on the ground, mostly pointed at the end. Some rubber tees are conical and have wide bases.

How to clean bamboo golf tees?

Cleaning bamboo tee is an important thing to do before going into action. Avoid using a club brush on bamboo tees.

Use a clean cloth to wipe the dirt off before using it.

If you are washing them after play, use warm soapy water and wash them immediately. Do not leave the tees to soak in water for long because it will weaken the bamboo and reduce its durability.


Recent developments are using environmentally friendly materials like bamboo. The designs are sleek.

They are among the latest developments. They offer consistent height and provide less resistance to the ball.

Above all, the bamboo golf tees are durable and eco-friendly.

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  1. After reading the article on Garden Bamboo Plants comparing bamboo golf tees to rubber tees and other types of golf tees, I appreciate the balanced approach the author takes in presenting the pros and cons of each option. The article provides useful information for golfers looking to make an informed decision about the type of tee they use. I particularly like that the article highlights the environmental benefits of using bamboo tees, while also acknowledging that they may not be the best option for all golfers. Overall, this article is a great resource for golfers interested in exploring alternative tee options and making more sustainable choices on the course.

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