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How to build bamboo hoops garden netting

    In this garden project, I use bamboo sticks to make garden hoops for netting.

    Squirrels and pigeons like strawberries and raspberries. If you have problems with them getting your berries before you, you might want to build a protective netting around the berries. The bamboo garden hoops are perfect for this project.

    This article will help you to protect the berries in the garden. Hope it gives you some ideas about how to build a simple, but practical, garden netting.

    Materials for bamboo netting project

    Firstly, use bamboo sticks/hoops to build the mainframe. Then, put the netting over it.

    In this project, the main material is bamboo, others include old rubber hose and mesh wire.

    It is a simple idea, but it works out perfectly every time.

    Here are the materials I used:

    • Garden net
    • Mesh wire
    • Garden rope
    • Bamboo sticks
    • Point Crowbar
    • Old water hose

    Note: Freshly cut bamboo sticks are best for making garden hoops for netting because they will bend easily without breaking.

    You can substitute the materials for others you have in the garden, but the substitute for bamboo sticks can be hard to find.

    How to make garden bamboo hoops for netting?

    The freshly cut bamboo sticks from the bamboo grove are easy to bend to shape. In fact, they are so flexible that you can make a nice arch shape and use them as hoops for netting.

    If you are using large bamboo stems, apply gentle heat to the stem and see the magic, the bamboo will bend easily.

    How to build bamboo garden netting?

    You will need x3 long bamboo sticks to go from one end of the netting to the other. This will set the length and width of the garden netting, so choose them carefully. Alternatively, you can tie the bamboos together to give you a longer length.

    Then, bend the bamboo stick into an arch shape, forming the bamboo garden hoops or loopers. These will now be the hoops for the garden netting.

    You can put the bamboo hoops straight into the soil or build an elevated top cover, and throw the net over it, like what I did in this YouTube video.

    This video shows how I build the netting cheaply by using the materials listed in this article. All done in one day.

    After completing the hoops for the garden netting, spread the net over the top and use ropes to tie them in. No need to use nails or cable ties, garden ropes will do.

    The idea is simple, but it works every time.

    Here are some practical garden uses of bamboo sticks.

    Bamboos best natural garden hoops

    The bamboo sticks are fantastic materials for making garden hoops for netting, incredibly flexible. They can fit into the spaces making it easy to create formidable nettings for small gardens.

    They are also best for arch-shaped netting.

    You can use them to make almost anything from building netting like this to using them as support for runner beans, sweet peas or any garden plant.

    I hope this article and the video guide give you an idea about how you can use bamboo to build garden hoops for your netting project, too.

    Here are the uses of bamboo sticks in the garden including DIY projects.

    What bamboo plants are best for garden hoops?

    There are many bamboo plants that produce long and narrow culms.

    The best bamboo plants for garden sticks are the Phyllostachys aurea and Phyllostachys bissettii. These two bamboos grow well in the UK, their culms are slender, tall and very strong. They produce better, bendable, bamboo sticks which make great garden hoops for netting.

    Other tall bamboos like the Phyllostachys vivax are also good, but they have large stems/culms, which are often hard to bend to shape.

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