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Bamboo Bathroom Storage for Accessories

    Are bamboo bathroom storage shelves good for bathrooms and small spaces? Our research shows that there are several reasons why bamboo shelves are ideal storage solutions for the bathroom.

    Not only do bamboo bathroom furniture provide a pleasant appearance, but they are slim-fit, lighter and come in different heights.

    What’s more, they are strong which means that they won’t wobble or break.

    Here are some options for the bamboo bathroom shelves and why they make better storage.

    Options for the bamboo bathroom storages

    So, which bamboo storage solution are you looking for? In fact, there are several options, but here are three common ones.

    1. Bamboo bathroom shelves

    These shelves are open on 4 sides. Some have adjustable shelf boards which you can move up and down or remove to create more space.

    Depending on how much space you want, you can get the shelves with the 2-tier layer to the longer 7-tier layer. These shelves are ideal for storing towels, cloth, washers, etc. You can also use the top shelf.

    In fact, these bamboo bathroom shelves are moisture-tolerant and provide a rustic touch to modern bathrooms.

    2. Bamboo bathroom cabinets

    The cabinets made of bamboo are heavier than the bathroom shelves because they are made from laminated bamboo timbers. The heavier shelves are stable compared to the bathroom shelves.

    They also have segmented storage compartments. This means that you can move in and out when storing and retrieving bathroom accessories.

    You can use the bamboo cabinets are for storing accessories such as medicine, detergents and other stash-away stuff.

    Furthermore, you can also use the outer units (and top-shelf) for other storage purposes. Bathroom cabinets are multipurpose.

    They come in different styles and designs. Here is a bamboo bathroom cabinet from Ryman – Nostra Bamboo Storage Trolley 3 Tier

    3. Bamboo wall mounted floating shelves

    The bamboo wall shelves are ideal if you want to create more storage for your bathroom accessories.

    There are other wall storage solutions for bathrooms, but the bamboo wall mounted shelf adds style to the wall. Its brackets provide a stable frame for the shelf.

    You can get them in different lengths and set them horizontally along with the bathroom wall. Or, you can mount them in stacks vertically. The options are unlimited!

    At Cox and Cox, you can find bamboo bathroom shelves and other stunning floating wall storages

    What can you store in a bamboo cabinet?

    The bamboo bathroom storage shelves are moisture resistant. This is one of the main factors that makes them suitable for bathrooms.

    You can store any bathroom accessories such as:

    • detergents,
    • bath towels,
    • washcloths,
    • cleaner
    • medications and
    • cosmetics.

    Top tip: The shelves with adjustable shelf boards are ideal for storing long accessories or keeping long piles of towels.

    Read about our collection of bamboo bathroom accessories – click on the embedded link for more information.

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    Benefits of bamboo bathroom storage

    Bathroom storage does not always have to be limited to the cabinet under the sink. Though the room is small, you can optimise the storage by adding slim bamboo storage options.

    Here are some reasons why bamboo storage for the bathroom is a good idea.

    Moisture resistant

    Bamboo shelves are made of giant timber bamboos, plants that grow straight up with nodes between and hollow tubes. The bamboo plants are naturally water-resistant on the outside. They do not have barks or internal layers like plants do.

    The natural properties of bamboo plants make them resistant to the presence of water and moisture near them.

    Easy to move

    The bamboo shelves and cabinets are easy to move around because most of them are lighter. Stability may be a concern in this case, so when selecting bamboo shelves, ensure that the base stand is firm and stable.

    Yet, some bamboo cabinets made of laminated bamboo are heavy, stable and stronger than a wooden cabinet.

    Strong and tough

    As mentioned earlier, bamboo timbers are naturally durable. They are strong and tough.

    The bathroom storage shelves and cabinets made from bamboo have these qualities. Besides, the laminated beams and furnishing provide the added strength that you can rely on.

    Come in different sizes and lengths

    Unlike the other rooms in the house, most bathrooms are small in comparison. So, when choosing a storage solution, it is better to find something that is strong, durable and can withstand moisture.

    Bamboo bathroom furniture ticks all these boxes.

    Looks great in small spaces

    The colour of the natural bamboo timbers provides a startling contrast to the colour of the bathrooms. They make the space looks beautiful, calming and homey.

    Last a long time

    The bamboo bathroom shelves and cabinets will last a long time. Not only does it save you money, but you can also fold them and put them away if you do not need them anymore.

    What’s more, you can give them a wipe and use them again or pass them on to families and friends.

    Read about home and garden furniture made from bamboo – click on the embedded link.

    Garden Bamboo Furniture for Outdoors / Indoors

    What are the benefits of bamboo shelves?

    Made from bamboo, the shelves are eco-friendly. More so, the bamboo shelves give the bathroom a smooth appearance.

    Most bamboo materials (and laminated beams) are slim but tough. That means that the shelves made of bamboo have spacious drawers.

    If you are looking for bamboo-based accessories and bathroom products, check out The Towel Shop, they have a dedicated section of all-things bamboo. 

    Conclusion (Bamboo bathroom shelves and cabinets)

    This article gives an overview of the bamboo bathroom shelves and why they make better storage for small rooms. They are stunning storage systems, strong, durable and moisture resistant.

    Reader’s note:

    While you are here, you can check out our collections of bamboo products for home and garden. These information pages give you an idea about bamboo products, why they are eco-friendly. There is also detailed information about where you can get sustainable products in the UK. Please, see our disclaimer at the footer of this page for more information.

    Header image credit: Max Vakhtbovych

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