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Decoding Golden Yellow Groove Bamboo Trio

    Yellow bamboo plants are a captivating addition to gardens, bringing a burst of sunshine and vibrancy to any landscape. However, with several varieties boasting similar names and characteristics, choosing the right one for your garden can be a challenge. This article explores three popular yellow bamboo plants – Yellow Groove Bamboo, Golden Vivax Bamboo, and Golden Bamboo. Today, you’ll know the similarities and key differences.

    Yellow Groove Bamboo (Phyllostachys aureosulcata aureocaulis)

    Phyllostachys aureosulcata aureocaulisPhyllostachys aureosulcata aureocaulis is commonly known as Golden Crook-stem, Yellow Groove Bamboo, Yellow Grove, and Golden Grove bamboo.
    OTHER NAMES: Golden Crook-stem, Yellow Groove Bamboo, Yellow Grove, and Golden Grove bamboo.

    Yellow Groove Bamboo is the answer to the question on YouTube that sparked this exploration: reddish new culms (stems) maturing to a bright yellow. This fast-growing bamboo offers a captivating display. Its new culms emerge with a reddish hue, gradually transforming into a sunny yellow as they mature.

    The mature stalks retain faint, sometimes prominent, yellow stripes along the grooves, adding a touch of visual interest. An additional benefit? It’s a cold-hardy variety, thriving in temperatures as low as -10°F (USDA zone 6 / UK zone 8).

    The Close Relative: Golden Vivax Bamboo (Phyllostachys vivax ‘Aureocaulis’)

    Golden Chinese Timber Bamboo vivax phyllostachys vivax
    OTHER NAMES: Golden Chinese Timber Bamboo, Golden Yellow Chinese Bamboo, Golden Timber Bamboo

    The name Golden Vivax Bamboo might confuse due to its similarity to Yellow Groove Bamboo and the “Aureocaulis” designation. This bamboo is indeed a close relative, sharing the initial reddish new stem colour. However, upon reaching maturity, the culms turn yellow with occasional green streaks or stripes, offering a slightly different aesthetic compared to the clear yellow of Yellow Groove Bamboo.

    Golden Vivax Bamboo also has a lower tolerance for cold weather, preferring warmer climates (USDA zone 5 or higher / UK zone 9 or higher).

    Here is our latest video on YouTube of this bamboo in our garden – the natural privacy screen.

    The Gem: Golden Bamboo (Phyllostachys aurea)

    best bamboo sticks for plants in pots and garden
    OTHER NAMES: Fishpole Bamboo, Golden Bamboo

    Golden Bamboo might be the most challenging to find among the three. While its name suggests a uniform golden colour, it is prized for its entirely golden culms, lacking the contrasting stripes or reddish hues of its yellow bamboo cousins. This rarity is less commonly available in nurseries compared to Yellow Groove Bamboo, but one of the best (small) running bamboo to grow.

    FUN FACT: Phyllostachys aurea, also known as Golden Bamboo, is called Fishpole Bamboo due to its well-suited characteristics for creating fishing poles.

    We blogged about this bamboo here, it produces lovely bamboo sticks for garden stakes.

    Choosing the Perfect Sunshine for Your Garden: Yellow Groove Bamboo, Golden Vivax Bamboo & Golden Bamboo Aurea

    With this array of yellow bamboo complete, choosing the perfect one for your garden becomes easier. If the classic transformation from reddish new growth to a clear yellow with occasional stripes is your preference, Yellow Groove Bamboo is a champion.

    Golden Vivax Bamboo offers a similar journey with a touch of green thrown into the mix, while the elusive Golden Bamboo boasts a uniform golden majesty.

    Consider your desired colour scheme, cold tolerance needs, and plant availability in your region when making your final decision. Whichever yellow bamboo you choose, it’s sure to bring a touch of sunshine and intrigue to your landscape.

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