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Blenheim Palace secret garden bamboo plants
Blenheim Palace Secret Garden and Its Bamboo Plants

Discover the hidden gem of Blenheim Palace, the Secret Garden. This stunning site boasts year-round …

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Can Lucky Bamboo Grow in Soil?

Lucky bamboo can thrive in soil with the right mix and care. Learn how to grow lucky bamboo in soil …

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Bamboo plants need sunlight for optimal growth, typically requiring at least six hours of direct sunlight daily. However, different bamboo species have varying preferences for sun and shade. Understanding the specific needs of the bamboo variety you're growing is essential for successful cultivation.
Do Bamboo Plants Need Sun?

Discover the sunlight needs of bamboo plants and the best growing conditions. Learn about large Farg…

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Does lucky bamboo need light
Does lucky bamboo need light?

Lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) is a popular houseplant known for its low-maintenance care and it…

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Fargesia Borinda Angustissima Bamboo UK
Fargesia Borinda Angustissima Frosty Bamboo

Fargesia Borinda Angustissima is a highly attractive non-invasive, clump-forming bamboo plant. Its a…

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Fargesia murielae Bimbo small dwarf bamboo UK
Fargesia murielae Bimbo Small Bamboo

Fargesia murielae Bimbo: Stunning clump-forming ornamental Dwarf Bamboo. Bimbo has thin green compac…

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Fargesia murielae dino UK
Fargesia murielae Dino

Fargesia murielae ‘Dino’ is a fantastic, very hardy bamboo with bright green stems turni…

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Fargesia murielae Ivory Ibis clumping bamboo

Fargesia murielae ‘Ivory Ibis ‘ is a clump-forming umbrella bamboo. This bamboo is a sta…

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Jumbo Tall Umbrella Bamboo Fergasia Murielae
Fargesia murielae Jumbo Umbrella Bamboo

Fargesia murielae Jumbo qualities: Fast-growing, tall Umbrella Bamboo, evergreen foliage and light g…

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Small Bamboo Luca Fargesia Umbrella Bamboo UK
Fargesia murielae Luca Dwarf Umbrella Bamboo

Grow Fargesia murielae Luca: an exceptionally low-growing small umbrella bamboo, no more than a metr…

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Fargesia Murielae Red Zebra Bamboo
Fargesia Murielae Red Zebra Bamboo

Fargesia murielae ‘Red Zebra’ bamboo is an attractive small clumping bamboo with deep da…

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Simba Small Umbrella Bamboo Fergasia Murielae
Fargesia murielae Simba Umbrella Bamboo

Fargesia murielae Simba qualities: Bamboo Simba is a small Fargesia murielae bamboo, best for small …

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Fargesia marielae standing stone Umbrella Bamboo
Fargesia murielae Standing Stone

Fargesia murielae Standing Stone qualities: An upright (tall) Umbrella Bamboo also known as the Flam…

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fargesia robusta campbell bamboo
Fargesia Robusta Campbell Umbrella Bamboo

Fargesia Robusta Campbell is non-invasive. A popular bamboo due to its clump-forming nature and stun…

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